What We Learned 2/23: The Aesthetics

The first weekend is in the book for Auburn baseball, and we can already tell alot about the team, and what we can expect in the future. However, I still stick by my Mid-March cutoff date to make a final judgment on the team.

I'm actually going to do two seperate WWL's for this first weekend. One for the gameday experience and one for the game itself.

Before we begin, it's worth mentioning that Plainsman Park underwent a little bit of a face lift in the off-season. Gone is the old dot-matrix style scoreboard. Replaced with a new fancy trillion color Daktronics display. I must admit it's a bit impressive.

The plan, according to Auburn, is to incorporate the board with AUHD and be able to provide in game highlites and updated stats throughout the game.

At this point, I'd just settle for in game stats, or at the very least, just a slate telling me what player for the opposition is up to bat.

Maybe first weekend they were getting the bugs out.

There is a sweet little video presentation which shows some Auburn highlites and a montage (a la the football team's pregame). My only negative would be the highlites that were shown was missing one key piece of Auburn baseball lore: Bo Jackson's HR off the Georgia light standard. I know that has to be living somewhere. Hell, just show Bo Jackson or Frank Thomas in some of the highlites.

Also, the protective netting now goes from foul-pole to foul-pole. Making the only unobstructed view of the field K-Corner. Personally, it doesn't bother me, but I heard one fan call it the "Head Ache Netting".

Yes, Section 111, is still present. Honestly, it's just 2 guys. The same two guys who have been there since Section 111 was started around 8 years ago. Everyone has a different opinion about them. Personally, and I have no qualms of stating it, I find them annoying. Not because of the heckling, but because they stink at it. They should take a page from the "Tech Hecklers" at Texas Tech and, at the very least, follow what the Bleacher Bible has to say about heckling.

But overall, Plainsman Park is still good ole Plainsman Park. Still has the echoes of Camden, Fenway, and Wrigley (minus the ivy). Still has K-Corner. Still has that hometown feel. Still feels like Auburn.

Also of note is the new uniforms. Three different Unis this past week. We had throwbacks on Friday (which I'm still efforting good pictures of), Blue tops on Saturday, and we had "Ice Cream Man" Sunday. Personally, I love the "ICM" look. I finally broke down and bought a new official Auburn baseball cap. The one is chose? The ICM cap. But Why's it called the "Ice Cream Man". I'll close out with a little backstory. White caps in college aren't new. In fact, some programs (Texas, UGA) are famous for their white lids. White caps in the pros are rare. So, in 1997, when the New York Mets debuted a new Sunday look, the also debuted a White Cap. They were mockingly called the "Ice Cream Men" and only lasted that 97 season.


Jonesy said…
first off: EXCELLENT blog

second: the old 111 guys were hilarious. This woulda been around the end of the Renfroe era. The numbskulls that inherited it never have been, never are, nor will they EVER be funny. They stole all the good material of the funny guys (the harrassholes) and then proceeded to yell things that can't be understood by anybody that isn't sitting within 25 feet of them.

I needed to vent on that. Thanks a TON for keeping those of us that loved smuggling in our own seeds, keeping score in scorebooks bought from Hibbett's, and seeing a ballgame for a total of $2.

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