Recap 3/6: Bombs Away


I was seriously debating whether or not to even do a full preview of Brown. It's hard to preview an Ivy League school, who's only played 2 games (Splitting with Florida International).

Before we get to Friday's game here's all you really need to know about Brown. They're coach by Marek Drabinski, in his 12th season. 2007 was probably his best season, when he went 27-21 (14-6) and were Ivy Champions.

The season they won't return home to Providence, Rhode Island, until April 1st. They also are no stranger to Double Headers, including today's  DH Match Up with the Tigers; the Bears will play 18 Double dips this season including some some weekends when they will play four games in two days (most of their Ivy Schedule).

So, on to last night's game. 6:45pm. Remember that time, because that's when this game was pretty much over.

Auburn jumped out to a 7 nothing lead in after the first inning and never looked back.

In that inning, 4 different Tigers hit HRs: Trent Mummey, Joseph Sanders, Brian Fletcher and Casey McElroy.

Fletcher would belt his second HR of the night a little bit later; giving the Tigers 5 total HRs and brining the season total to 25.

The Good

-The offense. 5 different Tigers had multi-hit games and the power was out in show early.

-Casey McElroy, this has been a great week for him and he seems to have busted out of his slump; hitting his 2nd HR in as many games, and being a much needed spark towards the bottom of the lineup.

-Brian Fletcher- 2 for 4, with 2 Rs and 4 RBIs. Very solid.

-Grant Dayton. Finally, Dayton looked like the pitcher we remembered. Going 7 solid innings, with only 5 hits, 1 ER, and 6 Ks.

-Taylor Thompson. Solid in relief. 2 IP, 0 h, 0 er.

The Bad

-Hunter Morris has missed back to back games with a sore back (apparently he pulled it lifting weights) leaving CJP with a dilemma:

What to do with the 4 hole? Normally, it would just be as simple as plugging Kevin Patterson in (and either moving him to 1B or keeping him as DH). However, KP has been struggling mightily. (going  0-3 last night; .188 avg this season)

Last night, Tony Caldwell took a turn and well, that experiment didn't work out so well (0 for 4 with 2ks).

Brian Fletcher is one option, since he's the only other power threat left (3 HRs). However, Fletch is feast or famine (leading the team in KOs yet batting .303) and moving him up creates a hole deeper in the lineup.

-Also bad, 4 Errors and another reason KP is better suited for a DH slot (he had 2 of the errors).

Overall, the game would have been a 4 Jobu night, however, remembering the 4 errors, and the fact that we are playing a mid-level team from a mid-level league, I give this game, 3 out 5 Jobus:



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