Recaps, Double Time 2/27, 2/28

Two games to go over really quickly. First, there is Friday's game. The less said about that debacle the better, but if you a bit of a sadist...then you can read up here.

Saturday, much better. Home Sweet Home is all I can say.

It was a back and forth game for a good portion, and overall was a pretty exciting afternoon. I must admit that after watching the game begin (and watch FSU jump out to an early lead) I was figuring we were still feeling a little fatigue from Friday's whomping.

Auburn did damage, and when it hit, it hit all at once. Using three innings to account for all our scoring. (3 in the 3rd, 3 in the 4th, 4 in the 6th).

The Tigers snapped a six game skid to the Noles, and looked to have a little momentum going into Sunday, but will have to wait until Davidson comes to town on Tuesday, (more on that later).

The Good

-Joseph Sanders. Pretty much the Auburn hero. Going 2 for 5 and five RBIs, including a three run blast in the sixth (that ultimately kept the tigers ahead for good)

-Austin Hubbard. Goes three solid innings in relief. Giving up 2 hits, 1 ER, 4 Ks. Gets the extended save for Auburn.

The Bad

-Still big holes in the lineup. Thankfully, Fletcher and Hargett had solid days in our 8-9 holes, to at least be table setters for our two hottest hitters (Sanders and Trent Mummey)

The Luckiest

-Auburn. We caught a big break when Sanders 3 R blast in the sixth was finally ruled a HR. FSU CF Tyler Holt told the press later he had it in his glove but dropped it (glove and all) when he hit the outfield wall.

-Auburn part II. We were able to get to FSU's bullpen early thanks to an early exit by FSU starter John Gast (3.0 IP/4h/3r/2er/1bb/49 pitches). Gast went down with an "ankle" injury after FSU gave up that early 3 run lead. I say "injury" because the FSU press guys thought he was just trying to save a little face. Either way, that sent Bo O'Dell into the game for FSU who got tagged for 7 runs (5 earned) in relief.

-Michael Hurst. Hurst hits his first batter, walks his second, then gets a line out to end the sixth. For those keeping score that 0.1 ip, and he gets the win in the books.


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