Weekend Recap: Hog Tied


Honestly it took me a while to write this post. Too long in fact. This weekend against Arkansas; Auburn had probably it's worst outing of the season. Message board geniuses were tossing words like "embarrassing", and "pitiful" and wondering "how a team with so much talent could be so bad" (note: I'm paraphrasing all these quotes). While some of this is a bit of over reaction, some of it is close to being accurate. (on a side note, I do have a rivals account, I just try not to post on the "Bunker" because The Bunker is like 4Chan for Auburn fans: lots of boob pictures, lots of inside jokes, and lots of over reacting).

I went to the games Friday and Saturday (I skipped Sunday, I had a bad feeling about the game and was right). However, just to overview: Auburn was swept by Arkansas 3-2; 10-6; and 12-6. The sweep drops Auburn to 2-4 in the SEC (and puts Auburn in a major hole in the West).

There isn't really much else to say about the weekend. Auburn was just outhit and outplayed. Arkansas took advantage of AU miscues (including costly errors) and some lackluster pitching.


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