Weekend Recap: Vandy


I didn’t go to the game Friday night. I followed it from work using Gametracker (which I both love and hate, but that’s for another day). The more I watched, piece by piece, as the little peg men showed Auburn’s collapse, the less I wanted to go to Saturday’s game. I’m glad my fandom won out because I was treated to one of the better performances by an Auburn team.

Auburn took it’s second SEC series of the year and won their first and second SEC home games of the year this past weekend when they took care of the Commodores. Vandy took game one 12-3, then Auburn bounced back taking Saturday’s game 5-3 and winning the rubber game 11-10.

The less said about Friday the better. It was probably Auburn’s worst performance as a team. An error by Tony Caldwell busted the game open after AU took an early 3-0 lead. Vandy would then run off 12 unanswered runs and 22 hits and completely dismantled Auburn’s bullpen, and held our bats in checks.

Saturday’s game was actually, in my opinion, the most complete game Auburn has played all year. Solid and timely hitting, great defense, and solid pitching. If I could give Jobus for just a single game in this series, this would get a 5 Jobu.

Sunday’s game was weird to say the least. Auburn had a comfortable 11-6 lead going into the 9th inning. Two quick outs and it looked like a done deal. However, Vandy mounted a quick comeback. Double, Double, Single, Homerun. Before you could blink it was 11-10 and every Auburn fan who was originally on their feet clapping for that final out, quickly sat down nervously. Thankfully, after a quick meeting on the mound, Austin Hubbard got the final out and Auburn took the series.


Jon Luke Jacobs. Jacobs is working on his pitches a little more, he’s got a solid changeup and spends a lot of time fooling guys instead of overpowering them. Whatever he had, it was working. His line: 5.2 IP/8h/3er/6k/2bb/113 Pitches.

Not bad for a Freshman, thrown into a pivotal game in this season.


Hunter Morris. Morris was in rare form Sunday. Hitting his 2nd and 3rd double of the year and his 6th Homerun. He was the early spark the Tigers needed. His line for Sunday: 3-5/2 RBIs.


A solid win, but bookended by sloppy Sunday and a terrible Friday. 3 Jobus:


-Lost in the Shuffle Sunday was the fact that Auburn tagged Vandy pitcher Nick Christiani for 7 ERs and 3 Homeruns. He had only given up 1 Homerun all year coming into the game.

-Coach John Palowski is a fiery guy. He flirted with getting tossed Saturday before getting the early shower Sunday. Saturday, Casey McElroy was hit by a pitch, as he was heading down to first, the ump called him back, saying he had fouled the pitch (he hadn’t). What had happened (and that “thud” the ump heard) was the catcher’s mitt and/or helmet hitting the ball on the back end. CJP was out quickly. and came on to the field. When he was asked to step off the field (he was on just the other side of the line) he gave a smart-ass half jump backwards to get off the playing field. Raising the ire of the Ump and entertaining the fans.

Sunday, in a bizarre play that I’ll try my best to describe, he finally managed to get tossed. It was the 8th inning , Vandy was clawing back with a man on third and second, one out, and catcher Drew Fann was up to the plate. Vandy tried (in my opinion) a suicide squeeze. However, Fann couldn’t make contact with the ball. Esposito for Vandy (who was at second) was shoulder to shoulder with the guy on third. Auburn catcher Tony Caldwell ran down and tagged both runners. The Umpire pointed at both guys, pumped his fist twice. It should have been both guys out on the play. Inning over. Instead the Ump reversed the call and only Esposito was out.

CJP went irate and was soon tossed. It was a tough call either way. I’m just glad to see a little emotion and welcome a new change for Auburn


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