What We Learned. 3/1

So a big series is in the books for Auburn. What did we learn? A little bit more about the Tigers make up come SEC season (which is just 2 weeks away).

-Auburn has power. Auburn has hit 17 HRs already this year and it's coming from all over. SS Casey McElroy is the only everyday player without at least 1 HR. Joseph Sanders leads the team with 5.

-Joseph Sanders and Trent Mummey are a potent one two punch at the top of the order. Over the weekend they went a combined 12 for 25 (.480) in the three game series.

-Sanders is an RBI machine. The Tiger team scored 22 runs over the weekend. Sanders hit 10 RBIs. (of note, Mummey had 3 rbis)

-Auburn still has some lineup holes. After Sanders and Mummey (and occasionally Ben Jones who had a decent weekend), Auburn has problems. That was more than evident in this weekends games. Let's look at batting positions 4-9 over three game set.

Thursday: 1 for 25 (Tony Caldwell being the lone guy for AU going 1-4)
Friday: 1 for 17 (Justin Hargett being the solo guy that day)
Saturday: 5 for 23.

-Continuing with the line up holes, some guys are probably glad to be done with the weekend:

Hunter Morris (0-8 for the weekend)
Kevin Patterson (0-9)
Casey McElroy (0-12)


-McElroy, a Freshman, has seen his average drop to a cool .125. In 7 games, he's only managed 3 hits. He normally bats in slot 7 and seems to be a little impatient at the plate, normally swinging at the first pitch.

-Kevin Patterson also needs a bit of work. Normally DH (or 1B when Hunter Morris is hurt/resting) he's already struck out 10 times in 24 ABs.

-But, on the bright side, this is the #5 team in the country and, ignoring Friday's debacle, Auburn was in step and managed to steal a game, despite some glaring weaknesses.

-Jon Luke Jacobs seems ready now. CJP pushed him to his limit Saturday. Keeping him in through the 5th inning and over 100 pitches.

-Tony Caldwell seems to have won the starting C spot. He started all 3 games over the weekend.

Oh and before I forget. Winning that game on Saturday must have upset the Baseball Gods, because rise and shine Sunday morning and Plainsman Park had more white powder than a Miami nightclub.

Yes. Sunday's game was "snowed out".


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