What We Learned: Brown Comes to Town


Games like these can be trap games. You’re coming off a tiring and depleting series like FSU and start SEC play the next weekend. It could be easy to overlook an IVY league school that’s only played 2 games. Give Auburn credit though, they came through, competed, and even got a an extra inning win out of the deal. So what did we learn?

Auburn can make due without Hunter Morris

He hasn’t started to show his power yet (maybe its the weather) and has been hurt since the FSU series, appeared in the opener with Davidson, but in his absence Auburn managed just fine. In the Brown series alone the DH spot (which was platooned by Brad Ray, KP, and Gilmer) went a combined 4 for 9 (.444 AVG) and had 2 RBIs.

but it’s nice to have him back…

In his return on Sunday. Morris was back to his old self, 2-4 with 2 walks and an RBI. KP seems to be heating up and back on track, so he can move back to the DH spot (where he was awesome in Saturdays 2nd game.

Auburn’s bullpen was a little bumpy

Two guys, Sean Ray, and Scott Shuman, had rough outings. Ray went 2 IP/6h/4er in Saturday’s opener and Shuman was 1 ip/2h/4er in in Sunday’s game.

But overall, surprisingly, they were lights out…

This is a welcome relief and is much needed going into SEC play. Including the 2 Davidson games, and the two speed bumps by Ray and Shuman, Auburn’s bullpen was:

19 ip/10er/12/23h/4bb. That’s a 4.73 ERA. Meh.

If you remove those two implosion days, the ERA lowers to an 1.125 ERA. Wow. (1 ER over 16 innings work)

Some highlites:

Zach Blatt (2ip/0h/3k vs Davidson)

and the fact that most nights we only used 2 total pitchers.

Also, we seem to have a closer…

and that would be Austin Hubbard, who picked up his 2nd save of the year (along with his 2nd win).

and we have an Ace…

Granted it’s 2 games, and not against the strongest competition (Lipscomb and Davidson) but Dexter Price looks pretty solid for a freshman. Against Davidson he went 5.1 ip/6h/1 er/5k. He leads the team in ERA and is tied for wins. He’s also the only starter to be perfect in starts.

I personally hope we see him against Alabama on Tuesday. That would be a extremely good test both on the road and against SEC competition (without rumbling the rotation).


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