Wild Weather Weekend


It was somewhat glossed over a bit in an earlier post, but this past weekend was something of an oddity for Southern Collegiate Baseball.

Numerous games were cancelled or postponed due to snow. Something unheard of down in the south.

Now for many Northern baseball teams this isn’t anything new. Most schools don’t even play a home game until late late in the season. For example; Villanova won’t return to Philly until March 8th (even scheduling 7 games as part of the “Papa John’s Challenge”); St. John’s won’t return to Queens until March 13th, Michigan heads back to Ann Arbor March 20th. Minnesota gets a little bit of relief by sharing the Metrodome with the Twins. Outside of that, most schools won’t play a home game until late March at best.

It could be worse, you could play in Maine, and not have had a home game since 2005, when you only played 2.

The wild weather, especially in Alabama and Mississippi caused some confusion, including whether the games should be considered forfeits or cancelations, moving games to the Away team’s field, or just confusion all around over what to do.

All in all, the snow is melting, and the weather’s warming, and the best baseball is yet to be played.


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