Back on Track?


Well that didn't last long. Auburn used to big blow outs and big innings to snap our five game losing streak. Auburn swept Troy (can you really sweep a 2 game series?) 26-6 and 13-8.


Yes we are aware that Auburn has absolutely crushed the ball this season. Currently we lead both the SEC and NCAA in team HRs. We currently sit at 97 total HRs.

That's 10 better than the previous record of 87 set in 1998.

But are we on pace to break other offensive records?

AT BATS 1587 2428 1997
RUNS 312 613 1997
HITS 468 828 1997
RBI 332 577 1997
DOUBLES 80 165 1997
TRIPLES 11 26 1986
TOTAL BASES 868 1284 1997
STRIKEOUTS 387 416 2005
SLUGGING % .547 .539 1998


So, yeah, not even close. Except for team strikeouts and maybe slugging %. On interesting note, I always hear about fans complaining about the Auburn pitching and how its the reason we've been slumping since the Tom Slater took over. For a little perspective, Hal Baird coached from 1985-2000, Steve Renfroe from 2001-2004, and Tom Slater from 2005-2008.

2003 409 3
2004 416 1
2005 416 1
2007 394 6
2008 386 7
2009 387 *

Seems like, for this decade, Strikeouts have been our Achilles heel.


When it comes to an NCAA Bid, our bubble seems to be bursting. After last weeks sweep, Rivals has somewhat given up hope, listing us as one of their losers for the week:

Auburn: The Tigers may have another year to wait for an NCAA regional berth. Even earlier this week, the Tigers appeared to be in good shape to earn an at-large berth to the NCAA postseason. However, finishing 0-4 and getting swept on the road by LSU derailed their postseason plans… for now. The Tigers still have a good RPI but are now 8-13 in the SEC. That’s not going to get you an NCAA bid.

And today, Rivals listed Auburn as one of the "next fifteen" (meaning on the outside looking in) in their latest NCAA Projections.

However, the precedent is there for Auburn to make the NCAA and not the SEC tournament. Look not further than 2005. When Auburn finished 13-17 in the SEC and made the field.

Still, it still rests all on Auburn. This weekend is key for Auburn. Beat Ole Miss. Beat a team projected to get a host seed in the NCAA. A team with a better RPI. Beat a better team. Just. Beat. Ole. Miss.


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