Polls, Projections, Particulars 4/9


Here's a quick look at some of the stats, projections, and polls for the Tigers.


Auburn is still on the outside looking in on most polls:

NCBWA Poll: "Receiving Votes"

Other ranks of interest (ORofI): UGA (1), LSU (5), Arky (14), Ole Miss (17), FSU (19), Florida (20), South Carolina (28), Alabama (rv)

Collegiate Baseball Poll: Unranked

ORofI: Arkansas (2), LSU (5), UGA (6), Ole Miss (15), Florida (22), GA Southern (26)

Baseball America Poll: Unranked

ORofI: LSU (2), UGA (6), Arkansas (13), Ole Miss (15), Florida (20)

USA TODAY/ESPN Poll: Unranked

ORofI: UGA (3), LSU (4), Arkansas (9), Ole Miss (18), FSU (25), Alabama (rv), South Carolina (rv)

Rivals Top 25: Unranked

ORofI: LSU (2), UGA (6), Arkansas (7), Ole Miss (14), FSU (19), Florida (rv)



Even though the Tigers are getting little to no love in the polls, the seem to be getting a little respect from the two organizations that put out NCAA Projections: Rivals and the College Baseball Blog

College Baseball Blog:

April 2 Projection:

Chapel Hill Regional (3rd Seed)

Teams in Regional: UNC (1), Coastal Carolina (2), Binghamton (4)

April 9 Projection:

Charlottesville Regional (3rd Seed)

Teams in Regional: UVA (1), Coastal Carolina (2), West Virginia (4)


April 1 Projection:

Columbus (OH) Regional (3rd Seed)

Teams in Regional: Ohio State (1), Coastal Carolina (2), Ohio (4)

April 8 Projection:

Coral Gables Regional (2nd Seed):

Other Teams in Regional: Miami FL (1), Bethune Cookman (4), Florida International (3)

All of these projection are super early and just serve a good talking point. It's good the see that Auburn is in the discussion, but all this really means at this point is that Auburn 1) has a solid RPI 2) has a solid record.


Auburn does have some numbers to boast about on a national level. Out of the 288 D-1 Teams, Auburn ranks 30th in Runs Scored; 36th in Doubles, 3rd in Home Runs, 3rd in Home Runs/game, and 11th in Slugging %.

And before you think Auburn's team ERA was bad, it's only 170th nationally. The worst? That would be 0-17 Coppin State with an 17.71 ERA.

Trent Mummy is 4th nationally in Runs, and Runs per game. Joseph Sanders is 8th in Home Runs and 4th in RBIs.


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