What? A Football Post?


Yes. I'd like to occasionally write about football. But those times will be rare (only basketball will be rarer). But something's got to fill the void when Baseball season ends. By now, you've heard of the "Tiger Prowl". The coaching caravan that's going around the state trying to impress the recruits. I'm sure you went through the same range of emotions I went through when I heard the news. It probably looked something like this:





Ranging from Creepy/Pervy (that would be "Dateline/To Catch a Predator's  Chris Hanson, ready to ask you "Can I Ask What You're Doing here?") to downright cool. (Yes, We're talking Billy Dee Williams on the Cover of Ebony Magazine type cool).

Before I get flack for saying Billy Dee is cool, this isn't "Lando" Billy. (Well maybe pre-backstabbing Lando, but hey you know what Han deserved it. That bastard shot Greedo first </end Star Wars rant>). This is Colt 45 smooth as silk Billy Dee.


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