Apparently Urban Meyer needs an outlet


Like hotfire the Tiger Prowl is back in the news/spotlights. A little timeline first. CSI-Auburn style.

-Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun posts this:

STRETCHING RULES: You may have read where Auburn used stretch limos to parade recruits around the state of Alabama. The idea was that the limos would not only appeal to the kids but get Auburn plenty of attention because of the decals on the limos.

The real question here is whether other schools will follow suit or will the NCAA enact a new rule banning their use. We've seen the NCAA react to excessive meals and plane trips as well as text messaging. Can this be far behind?

"I think it should," Urban Meyer told Dooley Noted when asked if the NCAA will get involved. "We're trying to sell graduation rates and academics and trying the sing and dance routine.

"The Florida coaching staff will not be riding around in limos or ripping off our shirts."

That's an obvious reference to reports that some Tennessee assistants ripped off their shirts in front of recruits.

In his "Dooley Noted" column. A couple of things before moving on: Why would Florida fans listen to anyone with the last name Dooley? Also, although cute, "Dooley Noted" is already taken.

So that then prompts this blog post from "TrackEm Tigers". But soon after, we get a bit of a "my bad" from Dooley:

8. Ah, the World Wide Interweb (another movie reference) (a). When you make a mistake, you're going to hear it. Last week I had a Dooley Noted item about Auburn coaches parading recruits around in limos. I obviously misread the story because it was Auburn coaches in the limos going from school to school. (b) War Eagle fans (c) have corrected me with dozens of e-mails. My bad. Now calm down. (d)

(Blog Note: Time out real quick. a) Lame. b) How? Of the many blog posts/articles/etc about the Tiger Prowl, I don't think a single one mentioned "recruits in Limos" c) Lame part 2. Way to cop out on the "Auburn doesn't know it's nickname. Gator fans wear Jorts. See how uncreative that is. d) When your inability to read/fact check prompts responses like these, then well, it's not easy to calm down.

So back to the "TrackEm Tigers" Post. It prompted this response from the kinda cute Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel:

It seems Auburn wanted to generate some pub for its program last week, and drove down to a recruiting stop in Mobile in a white stretch limo with Auburn decals on the side.

Now an Auburn blog is taking issue with Meyer's comments. Track Em Tigers had this to say: "I talked to a recruit who attended the Florida-South Carolina game last year and he said he actually put his wallet in his front pocket because of the recruits who were there visiting. He said they were cast straight from the streets of Miami. The only thing Urban Meyer is trying to do is win football games. Don't give us this crap about graduation rates and academics."

There are so many things wrong with that statement, where do we begin? Completely racist, insulting and inappropriate.

Gator fans, got any Auburn jokes you want to share?

And here's where The PPL steps in. How this is racist and why we  are taking issue from what a blog had to say is beyond me.

First issue: You can't really blame TrackEm for posting what a recruit told them. It wasn't TrackEm saying that Florida recruits were "straight from the streets of Miami" it was that recruit. It was that recruits opinion. It was just TrackEm Tigers that was posting it.

Second Issue and one that gives me a chance to bust out my little friend from "Wonder Showzen": How is this racist? You know what could be construed as racist assuming "black" when you hear "Miami Streets" and then using said assumption to stir the pot and create an issue out of a non-issue.


Third (and final issue): Was the "recruit" from TrackEm so wrong? Considering the fact that the "South Florida Metro Area" is so vastly expansive (6,137 sq. mi) and is just an 8th the size of the entire state of Alabama (yet has about 1 million more people). Now this entire area includes recruiting hotbeds like Pahokee (but technically that's Palm Beach not Miami).

Even though Florida signed only one player from the "Miami" area (Jon Bostic, from Wellington, though again, techinaclly Palm Beach) it did have a few who were at least "offered" by Florida:

NAME Location Metro
Eugene Smith Miramar South Florida
Donald Russell Palm Beach Gardens South Florida
Nu'Keese Richardson Pahokee South Florida
Rantavious Wooten Belle Glade South Florida
Jared Wheeler Plantation South Florida
Olivier Vernon Miami Miami
Jon Bostic Wellington South Florida
Frankie Telfort Miami Miami
Michael Carter Pompano Beach South Florida
Kayvon Webster Opa Locka Miami
Tevin McCaskill Miami Miami
Denard Robinson Deerfield Beach South Florida
Antwan Lowery Miami Miami


That's quite a bit. But then again that doesn't even factor in guys not from Miami who say they are (like folks from Pelham who say they are from Birmingham) and I can't find an exact list as to who was an official visitor for Florida during the UF/USC game.

Still, One recruits viewpoint shouldn't be used as a condemnation of a blog or of a school.


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