The Big Show continued



Two guys I forgot to mention in my last Big Show post were two guys who have both seen some action in the Majors. This year one is back and one is surprisingly close to returning.

First up is Clete Thomas. War Damn Clete. The kid had a hell of return to the pros earlier this week when the Tigers called him up; in his re-debut, he was a HR short of the cycle in a 9-0 romp over Minnesota.

"It's obviously everybody's goal to get here and stay," Thomas said. "It's mine to trust in God. He's got a plan for my life. As of now, I'm going to play and enjoy everything."

So will Clete stick? I hope so. I said earlier that he was just an OF injury from being called up again (and lo, it did happen).

I have to say things are looking good for Clete to be an everyday guy next year. Detroit is struggling in both performance and in revenue. Magglio Ordonez contract is up this year and I’m sure the Tigers aren’t looking forward to resigning Mags. Especially with his latest struggles with his bat. If they don’t then our boy Clete could be next in line as a permanent replacement. Although, more than likely, the Tigers won’t resign Maggy and will just platoon that final OF spot.

Regardless, Jim Leyland liked what he saw:

Leyland said he got the energy he wanted from putting Josh Anderson (leadoff) and Thomas (third) high in the order. Leyland particularly liked how each player ran when one of his hits got past an outfielder.

Here’s to hoping the Tigers wise up and make Clete their everyday CF for next year. Hopefully he doesn’t have a repeat of last year when he was bounced back and forth.

Another guy to keep an eye on is Levale Speigner. It wasn’t that long ago that Levale (or Jimmy to his friends) was solid guy in the Nationals system. Then, like most Nats players, he was overused, under developed, and ultimately released. Forced into a rotation role that honestly, didn’t fit him.

This year however, he got a late contract offer from the Marlins; who first sent him to AA Jacksonville, but recently he has been fast tracked to AAA. He’s been pretty good there too. He hasn’t given up a single ER in all of May (in 4 appearances).

The Marlins were one of the best things to happen to Speigy if he wants to see the pros again. They only have about 2 stud arms, but outside of that, they rest of the rotation and the bullpen have been suspect and shoddy. Levale could easily fill any number of these roles.

So don’t be surprised if he gets called back up to the Majors. I know I’ll be cheering for him. Remember this is a guy who played the game of his life against Johan Santana.


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