Attrition Update (The 06 Class)


Last time we checked in on the 2005 Recruiting class to see who is still a Tiger and who hit that long dusty trail. Here’s the 06 and 07 Classes. Again, Strikethroughs are no longer on the team:


Steven Ensminger (QB/West Monroe, LA) – Currently a JR at LA Tech. Played Scout Team work for the Bulldogs last year. From a 2007 Article he talks about why he left the Tigers:

"I just didn't feel comfortable being there anymore," Ensminger said. "I talked to my dad about it and he said he wasn't going to make the decision whether I stayed or go. I was a grown man and I can make my own decisions. And he supports me with it. He's been helpful. It's been hard being away from him because I'm used to coming home and talking football with him. He calls me every night and checks up with me. I'm getting used to it."

And the odd story about him striking up a friendship with LB Zach Schreiber even though they been Rivals their whole lives:

"I talk to him a lot," Ensminger said. "He's a good guy and will be a good player for us. It's kind of weird, we talked about it, because I played for West Monroe and he played for Evangel. I played for Auburn and he played at Alabama.

Raven Gray (DE/Enterprise, AL) – After a JUCO Stint. Gray actually enrolled at Auburn only to redshirt due to injuries. He has since left the team and is now a Delta State Statesman. At least I think that’s where he is. This article says yes. While the Delta State Roster says no (then again, it’s an old roster).

Hendrick  Leverette (LB/Hattiesburg, MS)- Enrolled at Pearl River CC. Instead of coming back to Auburn decided to sign with the hometown Southern Miss Golden Eagles. He’s listed as a Top Newcomer for them by USA Today.

Bryant Miller (DE/Miami, FL)-  Could never break into the starting rotation at Auburn. Instead decided to transfer to Hampton University. We apparently, makes it a habit of stockpiling D-1A players who need a new home.

Jermarcus Ricks (DT/Leighton, AL) – It’s actually Jake Ricks now. The name change prompted some confusion. See: Jake. Jemarcus.

Alex Rose (WR/Jacksonville, FL)- Who knows? I can’t find anything after he left the Tigers.

Chris Slaughter (WR/Fort Valley, GA)- Left the Tigers in January. Hasn’t resurfaced (to my knowledge) since.

Greg Smith  (DT/Booneville, MS) – Showing up to Auburn looking like he ate the GDP of Cameroon. Smith is no longer a Tiger and I’m not sure if any team has taken a chance on him. He would definitely rank as one the biggest recruiting busts of Tommy Tuberville’s recruiting classes.

Lee Tilley (OL/Columbus, OH)- Again, another much hyped recruit who didn’t pan out. Again, not sure where he ended up.


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