Attrition Update


So after the earlier report from Phillip Marshall:

Gone are sophomore safety Christian Thompson, redshirt freshman defensive end Cameron Henderson, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Jomarcus Savage and redshirt freshman wide receiver Philip Pierre-Louis, has learned.

We’ve learned that’s not entirely truthful. Per Jay Tate:

Hey everyone. Just got off the phone with trusted Auburn spokesman Kirk Sampson.
DE JoMarcus Savage is off the team.
LB Christian Thompson is off the team.
S Marcus Jemison is off the team.
DE Cameron Henderson is ON the team and, as far as I can tell, is in good standing. The same goes for WR Philip Pierre-Louis.

So PPL and Cam Henderson are still Tigers. As for the reasons, none have been given (none probably will) but it looks like both a combination of “Brain Cramps” and just plain “Jack-ass-ery”.

The Rumor is this (culled from various messageboards) and again, to reiterate, this is a RUMOR: Either 1, 2, or all 3 of the players that are leaving the team were disrupting a classroom and asked to leave by the professor. This happened once, the players involved were warned and disciplined. It then happened a second time and the player(s) were promptly shown the door.

Others have posted that “The reasons involve disrupting a classroom, missing classes and missing workouts, etc.”

So again, “Brain Cramps” and “Jack-ass-ery”


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