1. Ok, I know I promised that I had written my final blog post about the Big Cat Weekend (BCW), but of course, the story continues and won’t die (not that there’s anything wrong with that…That WAS the ultimate point of the Big Cat Weekend…to keep continuing and rolling and be talked about and blogged about and buzzed about continue like some ridiculous football Ouroboros)

The latest chapter? Lache Seastrunk says he’s sorry for calling out Nick Saban.

My first reaction? Bewilderment.

Bewilderment that this was a story first of all. Then equal parts bewilderment and bemusement that the apology even happened.

Good for him that he apologized? Sure, we’ll go with that. I honestly don’t know what to think. Yes, it shows a bit of humility and knowing that your actions have consequences, but it was all in good fun. I doubt Nick Saban truly cares, as he sits like Montgomery Burns on top of a hill in West Vance, counting his money and thinking he’s controlling the world.

Is it a good thing for Auburn? Not really. Especially when phrases like this:

I got caught up in the atmosphere, the environment, and did something I truly regret."

I’m not sure I’d want any recruit doing something “regretful” on a recruiting visit.

2. Good Job C-Mac. Casey McElroy was named a Louisville Slugger Freshman All American:

This is the second straight season that Auburn has had at least one player tabbed a Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American as Grant Dayton, Brian Fletcher and Hunter Morris all earned the distinction following the 2008 season.

So again, congrats C-Mac.

3. Like Bailey Watch- The waiting begins. Will he stay or will he go? On June 9th the MLB Draft begins and all Auburn eyes should be focused on the Troup County Catcher and how high he goes in the MLB Draft:

Bailey was thought of as one of the better high school catchers in a Draft class that has some depth in that area, but Tommy John surgery on his right elbow put his future somewhat in doubt. When healthy, he's a solid, not spectacular, catch-and-throw guy. At the plate, he's got good bat speed and plus power potential. He could head to Auburn and rehab there, but a team could decide to take a chance on him, knowing the success of the surgery these days, and work to get him back in form within its system.

It’s still up in the air. If he comes to Auburn, he’s ours for at least 2 years. I know I’ll be tuned in this coming Tuesday.


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