The 2009 Preview (In Haiku)


Ah. The Haiku. You remember that in High School English. The simple 5 syllable-7 syllable-5 syllable poems that made every student feel like a weird combination of Yeats and Confucius. If you are any type of Auburn fans you’ve already read at least eight different “previews” of the upcoming season. Until now. The AUPPL is proud to present. The 2009 Season. In Haiku.

LA Tech (Sept. 5)

Dooley Led Bulldogs

versus Auburn. Déjà vu.

outcome stays the same

*for those not in the now. LA Tech is the Bulldogs and are coached by Derek Dooley. Son of the Legendary Georgia coach who was only 11-13-1 against Auburn

Mississippi State

Mississippi State

Name too long for a haiku

‘least we won’t wet “Croom’d”   

West Virginia

Mountaineers on the Plains

Pat White Gone. Noel Devine?

Still there. Still fast. Yikes.

Ball State

Ball State comes in next.

Bowl team last year. NOT again.

Mid Major Snack Cake.


On to Rocky Top.

First year coaches. Squaring off.

Kiffin. Chizik. Boom.


Bobby Petrino.

Jet Gate. Lowder. Old Story.

New Chapter Starts here.


Kentucky fans wish

this was January and

basketball season.


Bourbon. Vomit. Chaw.

Cussing Kids Welcome You to

Lovely Baton Rouge

Ole Miss

Ole Miss now dark horse

but at day’s end we’re Auburn

and they’re still Ole Miss


Furman. Good breather.

Amen Corner Begins next.

Better rest and pray.


Deep South’s Oldest Now.

No Knowshon. No Matt Stafford.

Battle ‘tween hedges.


Simple Advice Now.

Need to salvage a season?

You just Beat Bama.


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