Pro Football? In July? Oui!


A little admission first, I kind-of sort-of dig Canadian Football. Not because I have affinity for Canadians to begin with (I do)but because it’s like our "football” yet different. I won’t go into all the differences here, but ever since CSS started carrying CFL games on Saturday afternoons, I’ve found myself strangely drawn in. Probably because it fills a certain football shaped heart-hole during the hot summer months.

Well, Auburn fans have a bit of reason to cheer because Tray Blackmon will be making his CFL debut tonight for the Calgary Stampeders. Making his Rookie Debut for the Defending Grey Cup champs.

After reading a couple of new articles about Tray, you can tell he’s really matured since leaving the Tigers:

From a Calgary Herald article:

"I was basically just living free and not trying to be a role model," said Blackmon. "I didn't have a male role model growing up, I didn't have anyone to look up to, so I didn't expect anybody to look up to me. But once I matured, I realized that there are kids, even here in Canada, who know about me and they look up to me and want to be like me, so you have to be a role model for the kids and put forth a positive image.

From a blog post from Tray himself:

I sit back and think about it and I believe this is the path God wanted me to take. I truly believe that. I have no regrets about Auburn even though I never got the chance to play my final season there. I hurt my wrist and missed a lot of time in my third year at Auburn and then I was thinking about transferring and trying something different. Luckily, I ended up here.
No matter what, I have nothing bad to say about the people at Auburn. I love them because they took really good care of me and they’re still like family to me. That’s why I say that this is just the way things were meant to be and I’m trying to seize the moment and take advantage of it.

He won’t be alone in the Stampeders backfield. He’ll be joined by former Tiger and Jacksonville State Gamecock LeMarcus Rowell. Speaking of Rowell, you have to love this from his team bio:

In his rookie season, Rowell dressed in six regular-season games for the Red and White. He recorded two tackles and seven special-teams tackles. In the season finale against BC on Nov. 1, Rowell grabbed his first interception and returned it 37 yards. It was the third-longest interception return by a Stamps player for the season and he did it without his helmet, which had fallen off during the play.

Even then he’s still won’t be the only Tiger in the league. Which boasts a veritable who’s who of former Tigers.

Damon Duval is practically a super star for the Montreal Alouettes. Tre Smith (pictured above) and Prechae Rodriguez are both big for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Finally, Former Nose Tackle Josh Thompson was a member of the Montreal team as of June 19th, but isn’t listed on the teams roster anymore.

Need another reason to follow the CFL? I’ll let this promo do the rest of the heavy lifting:

Hell. Yes.

As for Blackmon, we wish him luck in the Great White North and will now change his unofficial “Little Ball of Hate” nickname to it’s French Translation: “Peu de Boule de Haine”


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