Quick Hitter: Auburn adds baseball assistant


While the rest of the world was inundated with the almost 3 hour long memorial service for Michael Jackson, Auburn sent out this press release:

Link Jarrett Named Director of Player Development For Auburn Baseball Team

(the two are unrelated, of course). Here’s some quick hitters:

1. Yes, the is an awesome baseball name. Continuing to prove the point that Baseball Players, and former players, always have the coolest names. Seriously, the name Link Jarrett sounds like either a) a 70’s Porn Star b) an 80’s Cop show or c) Awesome Baseball player name.

2. He will mainly be in charge of hitting and assisting in recruiting. I know a lot of fans will wonder when the pitching help is coming, but honestly, that’s CJP’s field and specialty.

3. He comes from East Carolina. A team that went to a Super Regional and ended ranked #16 last year.

4. from the release:

Over the course of his four years at East Carolina, the program went 161-87 (.649) with three straight 40-win seasons. In 2008 ECU lead Conference USA in batting average (.317), slugging percentage (.499), on-base percentage (.408), runs (498), hits (702), RBI (464), home runs (89), total bases (1,105) and walks (307). In 2007, the team led the league in home runs (68) and was third in batting average (.291), slugging percentage (.453), on-base percentage (.374) and RBI (364).

5. Finally a quick comparison of ECU and Auburn and how the ranked nationally in those same categories:

STAT ECU Nat’l Rank AUBURN Nat’l Rank
Batting Avg .339 15 210 .286
Slugging % .546 12 35 .516
Runs 565 4 119 391
Hits 814 1 162 546
HR 108 7 103 10

So yeah, that’s a marked improvement. However, those numbers are slightly skewed because the factor in ECU’s added games during their conference tourney, regional, and Super Regional play.

So, Welcome Coach Link. War Eagle


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