So Now Time to Debrief


What follows is purely spit-balling, off the cuff, and completely editorializing. It’s not news content in the least, it’s just my, as a writer, personal feelings and attitudes to this upcoming season. No links, no backing up facts, just pure speculation, emotion, and love for Auburn:

-Chris Todd is the starter. Good. This is probably best for Auburn. Not because he’s the best QB on the field but because now, three weeks out, we have a starter named and we aren’t playing QB carousel going into game one.

-Fans can bitch and moan about Todd’s arm, about how Tyrik is the future, or how Burns and Caudle got shafted. Time to move on.

-Here’s what we DON’T need. Whining and complaining about why Kodi/Caudle/Tyrik isn’t on the field. Students chanting KO-DI, CAU-DLE, etc etc. We’ve played that game one many times (Campbell/Cobb, Burns/Cox) We have a QB. Time to support him.

-This might sound like blind faith and complete ignorance but, personally, I’m just going to trust the coaches.

-We Auburn fans really expecting to win a National Championship? No.

-Is a “successful” season just making it a bowl game? Yes.

-Can Chris Todd do that? Probably.

/end rant

P.S. Does this add any validity to Tony Franklin and his coaching abilities? Absolutely not. Not an any way shape of form. Also, I overheard a co-worker try to jab Auburn by saying “Chris Todd couldn’t cut it at Troy”. I’m sure my fellow Plainsman will hear that as well. Chris Todd never went to Troy. He was going too, yes. However, when the Snake Oil Shaman left for Auburn, Todd followed. Now we have a starting QB who has over two weeks to get his timing and rhythm down and try to bring Auburn back from a horrible 2008.


Marcus said…
I'll never forget attending the first game of 2004. Cox came in early and scored a TD on a 15 yard run! Later in the 2nd quarter we were in the redzone and Campbell threw a pick that was retuned 50 yards or so. A group sitting near me started booing and chanting "Brandon, Brandon". In hindsight, how friggin hilarious is that!

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