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Apologies in advance for the huge delay in posts. Combination of batteries recharging, lull in actual news, and a possible move to AL.com.

But now that we are back, we have this:

That would be Kodi Burns, catching passes in a non-contact Orange jersey. Apparently, he’s lined up at Wide Receiver.  Leaving many to speculate that he has been permanently moved to WR. From Jay Tate (where the above picture is from):

Kodi Burns practiced at wideout today.
The other four quarterbacks were going through the usual drills. Burns was catching passes from the JUGS machine and learning some new techniques from Trooper Taylor.
I can't imagine this will last. Surely Burns will transfer. Right?

Ok two seperate thought bubbles on this:


1) Personally, I highly doubt Kodi is transferring ANYWHERE. It would essentially end his college career. 2) I also highly doubt this is a permanent move nor does it mean Burns is out of the QB race. (Yes, I know I’m a Kodi apologist). 3) In the above picture he looks awfully happy for a guy who just lost his dream job and course.

BUBBLE B) So what is happening?

We’ll leave it to Rivals.com posters including “mabwriter” who wrote this:

(The Meltdown will happen if) Kodi is named the starter, and it turns out he was only catching passes because in the WC the QB sometimes lines up as a wide-out. Could explain why he was so happy, and would explain the no contact jersey. But I guess we'll find out after practice.

That, honestly is an entirely plausible and entirely possible solution. Especially when you have this from a Auburnsports.com moderator:

(Everybody is welcome to their opinion...)But I'd be surprised if Kodi could run under a 4.8 40. I don't think he has much of chance of playing WR or Wildcat QB in this offense.

So that seems like a waste doesn’t it? If he’s not fast enough or doesn’t have a chance at WR then why is he there? It probably leads back to the first opinion.

We’ll see how this plays out.


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