Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catching Up and a Few Changes


Well summer is pretty much over so here's your final Auburn baseball related post until probably January:


Here's a list (not including late signees like Drew Madrigal) of Auburn's incoming recruiting class.

NAME                     POS    B/T    PREVIOUSLY    HOMETOWN
Luke Bailey              C    R/R    Troup County HS    LaGrange, GA
Justin Bryant           RHP/IF    R/R    Itawamba CC    Oneonta, AL
Garrett Bush           RHP/C    R/R    Stanton Prep HS    Jacksonville, FL
Nick Franklin           IF    S/R    Lake Brantley HS    Longwood, FL
Cody Martin            IF    L/R    Stephens County HS    Toccoa, GA
Patrick Merkling    LHP    L/L    Etowah HS    Woodstock, GA
Cole Nelson    LHP    L/L    Des Moines Area CC    Edina, MN
Patrick Savage    IF/OF    R/R    Greater Atlanta Christian    Suwanee, GA
Creede Simpson    OF/IF    R/R    Northwest Florida State College    Auburn, AL
Slade Smith    RHP    R/R    Fort Payne HS    Fort Payne, AL
Ryan Welke    C    R/R    Rickards HS    Tallahassee, FL

After the MLB draft and signees, it looks like Bailey and Franklin are the only two casualties of the draft. It looks like the Tigers managed to make a steal with Drew Madrigal and Garrett Bush. I do have a slight problem with College Baseball Blog assessment of Franklin:

Auburn University signee Nick Franklin signed with the Seattle Mariners today according to a report on MLB.com. Franklin was going to be a key infielder for the John Palowski led Auburn Tigers in the 2010 Season

We are kind of set on the infield for next year and the only real need will be replacing Joseph Sanders at 3B. Hargett, Mcelroy and Hunter Morris will more than likely retain their spots. Franklin projects as a SS and Mighty Casey pretty much has that position locked up.


Couple of minor notes here: Auburn had some guys do great things this summer. Kevin Patterson led his team to the championship game; and Brian Fletcher was named a Cape Cod All Star. Hunter Morris dazzled in his limited time, Tony Caldwell was pretty much the MVP of his Waynesboro Generals Summer team, and over all everyone had a solid summer.


I've been asked to write some bloggings for AL.Com and their Tigers Corner. It will be mainly football related and no, this doesn't mean the end to the AUPPL.


-Snarky attempts at humor; My Photoshops; Football odds and end that don't fit on AL.Com; Baseball news, any other miscelannia, rants, etc


-More in-depth football writing, longer pieces, more opinion/editorial pieces, the rest I'm not sure about.

Still you can go ahead and your feet wet with my first AL.com post: The 9 Reasons (or excuses) to Get Behind the Chris Todd Decision.


Friday, August 14, 2009

So Now Time to Debrief


What follows is purely spit-balling, off the cuff, and completely editorializing. It’s not news content in the least, it’s just my, as a writer, personal feelings and attitudes to this upcoming season. No links, no backing up facts, just pure speculation, emotion, and love for Auburn:

-Chris Todd is the starter. Good. This is probably best for Auburn. Not because he’s the best QB on the field but because now, three weeks out, we have a starter named and we aren’t playing QB carousel going into game one.

-Fans can bitch and moan about Todd’s arm, about how Tyrik is the future, or how Burns and Caudle got shafted. Time to move on.

-Here’s what we DON’T need. Whining and complaining about why Kodi/Caudle/Tyrik isn’t on the field. Students chanting KO-DI, CAU-DLE, etc etc. We’ve played that game one many times (Campbell/Cobb, Burns/Cox) We have a QB. Time to support him.

-This might sound like blind faith and complete ignorance but, personally, I’m just going to trust the coaches.

-We Auburn fans really expecting to win a National Championship? No.

-Is a “successful” season just making it a bowl game? Yes.

-Can Chris Todd do that? Probably.

/end rant

P.S. Does this add any validity to Tony Franklin and his coaching abilities? Absolutely not. Not an any way shape of form. Also, I overheard a co-worker try to jab Auburn by saying “Chris Todd couldn’t cut it at Troy”. I’m sure my fellow Plainsman will hear that as well. Chris Todd never went to Troy. He was going too, yes. However, when the Snake Oil Shaman left for Auburn, Todd followed. Now we have a starting QB who has over two weeks to get his timing and rhythm down and try to bring Auburn back from a horrible 2008.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

There Can Be Only One


Chris Todd has been named Auburn’s starting QB. He was also Auburn’s starter last year (we know how that turned out). Still, War Eagle.


Welcome back and then Boom.



Apologies in advance for the huge delay in posts. Combination of batteries recharging, lull in actual news, and a possible move to AL.com.

But now that we are back, we have this:

That would be Kodi Burns, catching passes in a non-contact Orange jersey. Apparently, he’s lined up at Wide Receiver.  Leaving many to speculate that he has been permanently moved to WR. From Jay Tate (where the above picture is from):

Kodi Burns practiced at wideout today.
The other four quarterbacks were going through the usual drills. Burns was catching passes from the JUGS machine and learning some new techniques from Trooper Taylor.
I can't imagine this will last. Surely Burns will transfer. Right?

Ok two seperate thought bubbles on this:


1) Personally, I highly doubt Kodi is transferring ANYWHERE. It would essentially end his college career. 2) I also highly doubt this is a permanent move nor does it mean Burns is out of the QB race. (Yes, I know I’m a Kodi apologist). 3) In the above picture he looks awfully happy for a guy who just lost his dream job and course.

BUBBLE B) So what is happening?

We’ll leave it to Rivals.com posters including “mabwriter” who wrote this:

(The Meltdown will happen if) Kodi is named the starter, and it turns out he was only catching passes because in the WC the QB sometimes lines up as a wide-out. Could explain why he was so happy, and would explain the no contact jersey. But I guess we'll find out after practice.

That, honestly is an entirely plausible and entirely possible solution. Especially when you have this from a Auburnsports.com moderator:

(Everybody is welcome to their opinion...)But I'd be surprised if Kodi could run under a 4.8 40. I don't think he has much of chance of playing WR or Wildcat QB in this offense.

So that seems like a waste doesn’t it? If he’s not fast enough or doesn’t have a chance at WR then why is he there? It probably leads back to the first opinion.

We’ll see how this plays out.


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