Disarming the F-Baum

On a personal note, I could care less about Alabama fans. It’s not really the hatred that most Auburn fans feel, but more of a general apathy. They do their thing, I do mine. Simple as that. I’m probably in the minority in that regard.

That being said, when idiocy rears its head it does get me riled up. Tremendous blood boiling rage type riled up. Idiocy like this:

One observer close to the scene said the coach’s wife accused Finebaum of being friends with Nick and Terry Saban. (Several people saw Terry hug Paul Finebaum on the field after the Alabama victory while Nick Saban was doing television.) Jonna [Chizik] accused Finebaum of bias, and told the radio host that he didn’t know he possessed “all this power” over the lives of coaches, players and recruits. Malzahn’s harpy concurred, and participated in the verbal attack.

That’s from a “blog” called The Capstone Report. An Alabama “blog”. (Seriously, if you want a well written bama Blog then at least head over to DBH Dance Party or Roll Bama Roll)Hiding behind the general anonymity by saying the blog was authored by “capstonereport”, meaning there is no author is lay blame to. It also enables them to make accusations about Auburn paying recruits and other stories of that ilk, without a real threat of recourse. It’s relating a story of some Auburn coaches wives expressing their displeasure. It continues:

What does this say about Chizik & company?

They aren’t ready for primetime. When you are so insecure you send your wife out to fight your battles, then you aren’t a man. You are pathetic. Perhaps he is as pathetic as a basketball coach who allowed his wife to yell at a reporter—Mark Gottfried.

I’ll Let Gary Coleman convey my reaction:

Say-a-wha now? Two coach’s wives, acting on their own, reflects the Auburn coaching staff and their “(in)ability” to stand up to the media. I don’t buy it. However, we’ll stick with the conspiracy theories that the wives were sent as “hitwomen” on Paul Finebaum. Continuing:

Ever wondered why the Birmingham media is so servile to the Auburn Tigers? Now you know. When a media personality dares to challenge the Auburn family, the attack dogs, err bitches, err dogs, err wives, err harpies bare their claws and scratch out the eyes of dissenters.

We’ll move (lightly) lightly past the fact that the poster is calling women “bitches” and thinking its cute. Instead, and the real focus of the article, is that apparently, to the author of the article, Auburn is so averse and irate at State Media, that they continually berate them whenever an unflattering story is published. That leads them to do things like this:

At the 2009 Iron Bowl, Paul Finebaum was spat on, yelled at and at one point private security was forced to separate a deranged Auburn fan from the radio host. And this was during the walk to the stadium. A walk that had several observers shocked at the behavior of SEC football fans. It was a rude welcome to SEC football 2009-2010.

I call B.S. Namely because I was there. Working. I worked on a show with Mr. Finebaum throughout the college football season last year. He was on Auburn’s campus numerous times for those shows. Each time he was given safe distance, and outside of a normal jeer from a fan(which he eats up by the way) it was relatively tame. Iron Bowl weekend, yes it is possible that the above event could have happened. However, I’m sure I would have heard about it. During the broadcast he spent most of the time surrounded by the “Sons of Saban” and not Auburn fans. Here’s what I can tell you first hand about Paul Finebaum and his treatment of Auburn fans (and Alabama fans):

He doesn’t care either way. As much as Auburn fans want to believe it, Finebaum has no loyalties to either school. He cares about one thing: Putting on a show. He’s actually quite genuine and easy to work with (not a diva like you would expect). He’s also very smart. Extremely smart media-wise. You know all of those rumors, “lies”, and halftruths that get Auburn fans riled up. Attributing those to Finebaum? 9 out of 10 times those come from callers. Paul never actually says them.

But the problem is that we, as Auburn fans, get so worked up about it. We honestly shouldn’t. People have a huge misinterpretation of the media and that sports guys throughout the state spend their days finding ways to get at and bury Auburn. They don’t. Not at least the ones I’ve worked with. They think the Sports Media is out to get Auburn. It’s not. I can only speak to the ones I’ve worked with first hand, but for the most part, the media in this state is just committed to providing information that will get the viewers to watch.

But just a suggestion Auburn fans. Quit listening. Seriously. Just don’t listen to him. Your day will not be any worse or any better because of it. I even made a flowchart if you are still confused:


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