Don’t Panic Yet




I didn’t mention it earlier, mostly because you would have already heard it somewhere beforehand. When this came over the wire it was troubling but not a total tragedy. Mummey was a crucial cog last year, but we had guys in place that could step up. Mainly JUCO guys like Creede Simpson and Justin Fredejas. Also, the injury wasn’t that severe and Mummey should be back before SEC play (he’ll return either the USC or UGA series).



But then this? This is troubling:


AUBURN, Ala. - Casey McElroy will miss the start of the 2010 baseball season after learning he has fractured a finger on his right hand during a preseason practice, Auburn head baseball coach John Pawlowski announced on Wednesday.

McElroy started 56 games at short for Auburn last season, the only infielder to start every game last year. Named a Freshman All-American by Louisville Slugger, he hit .286 with seven home runs and 35 RBI, collected 13 doubles and a .376 on base percentage, both of which ranked in the top five on the team.

No timetable has been set for his return.


McElroy is a big loss to start the season. Even more of a loss now that his backup, Chezz McCann, transferred to get more playing time. McElroy started every game last year and his iron man status was much needed. Unlike Mummey though, this injury is more serious. A fracture on a throwing hand is not something you can recover from quickly.


However, I keep mulling the injuries over in my head, and I’m still not completely worried:

  1. The injuries decrease the logjam we have and will allow guys like Creede Simpson, Dan Gamache, and Wes Gilmer, more playing time.
  2. This settles the 3B race for now. Gamache can move to SS (his HS position) and Gilmer can slot at 3rd (where he has more experience)
  3. This pretty much guarantees that Creede Simpson will be starting on opening day. The Auburn native has gotten a lot of praise. So much so that fans (and some coaches) had an attitude of “just find a place for him”
  4. It’s still early and our schedule still sets up nicely. If these injuries happened later in the year. Then it would be time to panic.


Still not time to Panic. Not Yet. We are still at Threat Level Bo. I’m just ready for Friday so we can have some hard data to work with.


So we’ve got guys who can step up


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