So Close You Can Taste It

Coach John Palowski met with the media last night and that means two things: First, He has a good idea of how the team will shape up and Second, the season is oh so close. How close? Well, this is my excitement level right now:

Screaming on the Inside

Here are the nuts and bolts of CJP's Presser.

  • JUCO Transfer Cole Nelson will be the third starter. The weekend rotation is lining up to be Jon Luke Jacobs, Grant Dayton and Nelson
  • That sends Corey Luckie to the bullpen with a chance to work his way into the rotation
  • It also sends Dexter Price and Ty Kelley into the 'pen. Giving Auburn about five guys (Price, Kelley, Luckie, JUCO Stephen Kohlscheen, and Freshman Slade Smith) in the bullpen who could all be potential starters. Plus, Austin Hubbard, Bradley Hendrix, and Zach Blatt all returning. You want pitching depth? You got it in spades
  • Justin Fredejas will take Trent Mummey's place in Center Field
  • Mummey, who rolled his ankle last Saturday, is out "4 to 6 Weeks". That slots his return at the cusp of SEC Play (either the UGA or Carolina Series)
  • With Fredejas moving to CF, RF has opened back up. Creede Simpson is the favorite right now.
  • 3B, like I previously thought, is down to Wes Gilmer and Dan Gamache. I still give the early nod to Gilmer. However, don't be surprised if Creede Simpson sneaks back in there once Trent Mummey Returns.
  • There was no talk of Kevin Patterson. I think he will be used primarily as a DH and will be spelled by Tony Caldwell or Ryan Jenkins at times.
  • The Catcher situation is a bit muddled. Auburn will platoon Tony Caldwell and Ryan Jenkins to start off. With Jenkins getting the majority of PT.
  • The basic hitting strategy is fundamentals first. Not slamming the ball out of the park each at bat, but instead, getting guys on and moving guys over.
  • Hunter Morris has slimmed down about 30 pounds. Honestly, just judging by his photo he looks like a completely different person:
  • I'd also check out Andy Bitter's breakdown of the PC.

Compare that to his freshman and sophomore pictures and you can see the transformation:

Lastly, don't doubt that this team is hungry. Hunter Morris summed it up perfectly:

"The people of Auburn deserve a lot more than what we've given them."


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