Visitor’s Dugout: Simmons Field

Sometimes it’s good to know what’s going on in the minds of the guys across the field. So from time to time, AUPPL will lend the floor to his week’s opponents to get an insider’s look at the next Auburn opponent. First up, the fine folks at the Mizzou Baseball Blog Simmons Field.

AUPPL: What should Auburn fans know about MU Baseball?

SF: The Tigers are a very young team and will rely heavily on its excellent incoming class to be productive immediately.

AUPPL: Who are some players to look for?

Eric Anderson, a freshman, is getting a lot of consideration as a weekend starting pitcher. He could be a great player for the Tigers. Several other young players could have a huge impact in the outfield: Dane Opel, Blake Brown, Ryan Gebhart and others

AUPPL: Historically, who are some famous players Auburn fans would know about?

SF: Phil Bradley is better known as a star quarterback at MU in the late 70's, but he went on to a successful MLB career.

Max Scherzer (Detroit Tigers ) and Ian Kinsler (Texas Rangers) are current major leaguers who were once Missouri Tigers.

AUPPL: What's the outlook for the team this year?

SF: Everyone expects a down year, because of the youthfulness of the team. But I think some of those young guys will shine this year and take the Tigers to yet another Regional bid

AUPPL: What do you think the strengths and weaknesses for the team?

Strength: Brad Buehler is rock-solid as the closer. Aaron Senne, one of 2 seniors, is due for a solid offensive year as the leader of this team. And one of the best incoming recruiting classes in years will also be a strength.

AUPPL: What qualifies a successful season at MU?

SF: Successful, given the general expectations of a down year, is getting to the Regionals. While getting farther would be great, taking this team, in a "rebuilding" year, would show that Tim Jamieson really is the great coach we know him to be.

AUPPL: With all this talk about MU to the Big Ten, has their been any thought as to what it would do the baseball program?

SF: Just one thought - It would be a complete disaster. I'd rather be in the Missouri Valley conference than the Big 10

AUPP: With KU getting better every year in baseball, how is that affecting the Border War?

SF: KU still sucks. 'nuf sed

AUPPL: How does the Weather affect MU baseball? Are you like most "Northern" Schools (I know MU is technically a southern state) in that the majority of your games the first couple weeks are on the road

SF: First 3 weeks are almost always on the road, as they are this year. We open in Arizona, go to Auburn, then to the Houston College Classic.

And then we play at home, sometimes in rain, sleet, snow and bitter winds (and then the 2nd inning comes).


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