In Other News: Boobs.

I was over at a buddy's house this weekend and he had a copy of The Auburn Plainsman (specifically the March 25th edition). Skimming through I looked down on page B1, lower left corner and saw this (censored for puritan tastes):

I had to do a double take to be sure, but yep. Those are boobs. Granted they are artfully done boobs, but boobs nonetheless. Personally, it doesn't bother me; I find it more comical than anything else and can see how it managed to slip through. The Plainsman doesn't have an advisor anymore and when the journalism school was merged with Communications department, most aspiring journalists have been looking elsewhere for school. Those that do attend Auburn with dreams and aspirations of journalism are probably doing it because of their passion for Auburn first and passion for journalism second. Regardless, I wasn't the only person that noticed because the digital print edition now has an edited versions on the website.

enhanced and zoomed in like so:

Nothing big and not trying to cause a stink, I just thought it was funny (then again, I have a bizarre sense of humor). Anyway, baseball Wednesday, Slade Smith takes the mound as the Tigers travel to Troy and get a midweek tuneup before the Iron Bowl series this Easter Weekend.


George Brown said…
I saw it and thought it was funny too. They should've left it. They would've given out more copies of the Plainsman than ever before.
Ben said…
The Plainsman does technically have an advisor. It's mainly hands-off, but there is one.

I, as a student and member of The Plainsman staff, saw nothing wrong with including the picture. But, I'm weird and different than most Auburn students (reportedly). Oh well.
kevin0ives said…
I probably should have reworded that. In order to be a club you have to have an "adviser" but for the adviser for the Plainsman to be hands off is somewhat disconcerting. I didn't see a problem with it either, but found it amusing.

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