Monday Quick Hitters


The weather still looks a little bad and I just found “Follow that Bird” on my Netflix Watch Instantly cue, so I figured I’d catch up on some Auburn news and notes from around the interwebs:


  • Funny story about one of Auburn’s first Major Leaguers, “Coot” Veal and his very unique nickname:
    • Orville Inman Veal born in Sandersville, Ga./now 77/infielder was a good glove man for Tigers (1958-60), Senators (1961) and Pirates (1962), but a feeble hitter with one career major league HR. Was the first player to bat for the expansion Senators in 1961 after Twins came here, got the first hit (IF single), scored the first run./got nickname when his HS BB coach called him “Kook”/when he got to Auburn University, they mispronounced it “Coot”

  • Before the UK series, Andrew Gribble had some solid pull quotes about how Auburn was in position in the SEC thanks to (at that time) the bullpen. After the showing this past weekend, it’s safe to say we’re not back to the square one, but we definitely have some things to work on:
    • “In this league, unless you have a dominant, legitimate No. 1 guy on a Friday night, it’s going to be tough,” Pawlowski said. “We don’t have a legitimate, No. 1, dominant pitcher. So what we have to do is we’ve got to do a couple different things and try to mix and match up and see where we go from there.”
    • If Luckie can get past the sixth or seventh inning, Auburn’s best bet would likely involve throwing a hodgepodge of pitchers Saturday. The Tigers’ bullpen has been a surprising strong point this season, as relievers such as Sean Ray (2-1, 1.96 ERA), Michael Hurst (2-0, 3.00) and closer Austin Hubbard (3-1, 2.74) have all been impressive, one year after the bullpen was the team’s largest weakness.


  • TideSports examines the cases for the SEC baseball teams battling for the final in the SEC Tourney. His list includes UT, MSU, Alabama, UK, and UGA. This, plus some jibba-jabba from TV commentators, makes me think that most people are assuming that the SEC tourney is all but decided (with Auburn in) and that 5 teams will be battling for that bottom spot. His prediction?:
    • I’m predicting Kentucky gets the eighth spot in the tournament because of its schedule and the tie-breaker it holds over Alabama by virtue of taking two-of-three from the Tide earlier this season.


  • Some comments from new Tiger Bryce Lane and his excitement of coming to Auburn. I wish I could get the embed code to work, but alas, no luck.


  • This video WILL work. It’s Tim Hudson giving back to Chattahoochee Valley Community College.


Jonesy said…
"Follow that Bird" the Sesame Street movie?

holy childhood flashback batman
kevin0ives said…
The very same. I used to watch an old worn out VHS copy recorded off early HBO back in the day. Now? Thank you Netflix for letting me relive Big Birds trip to live with the Dodo family.

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