Regional Radar (April 1)


With some success, comes some hope: Here's what some college baseball writers think of Auburn's Chances of making it to the NCAA Baseball Tourney:

SITE PREDICTION Previously Change
Rivals ( 2 Seed
2 Seed (Tallahassee) Holding
College Baseball Blog Host
2 Seed (Tallahassee) Improving

SEBaseball has Auburn unchanged. Still at Tallahassee (along with FAU, FSU, and Bethune Cookman). The biggest change comes from The College Baseball Blog which has us going from traveling to Tally to hosting a regional (based on what, I'm not sure). One thing is certain, if Auburn can hold on to this prediction, then my only reaction is, "wow". Going from not making the tournament for the past few years, to hosting a regional? Huge step. However, that's still wishful thinking. Auburn still has a ton of work to do on the field.

RPI 22
KEY WINS Alabama (3/24), BC (2/26), FAU (2/28)
KEY LOSSES SEMO (2/19), Missouri (2/27)
BOYD'S Strength of Schedule 34
RECORD v RPI 1-25 1-3
RECORD v RPI 26-50 3-2
RECORD v RPI 51-100 0-1
RECORD v RPI 100+ 13-3

FINAL PREDICTION: That lone loss in the 51-100 Category is Troy, however, Samford (101) is right at the cusp which would even that stateline up. Want even more reasons for the upcoming series against Alabama to be huge? A series win puts Auburn at 3-4 in the critical 1-25 RBI category. A sweep? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, but a sweep gives Auburn a nice 4-3 cushion. The Sunday salvage game against Carolina was huge as it kept Auburn on the positive side in the 26-50 RPI category. I think (and I'm no expert) that the actual split is RPI 1-50 and 50+ . Even if that is the case, Auburn would still have a respectable 4-5 record against teams in the RPI top 50. BC and FAU still remain key wins, but Auburn will need some more to pad out the resume. The Tigers RPI and ISR (strength of schedule) both dropped this week, so that's another area for improvement.


Jerry Hinnen said…
For whatever it's worth, the NCAA basketball committe's information is divided into RPI 1-50, 50-100, 100-200, 150+. Have no idea if it would be the same for both sports, but if the ranking system used is ...

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