Regional Radar (April 29)


With some success, comes some hope: Here's what some college baseball writers think of Auburn's Chances of making it to the NCAA Baseball Tourney:

SITE PREDICTION Previously Change
Rivals ( 2 Seed
2 Seed
College Baseball Blog 2 Seed (Tallahassee) 2 Seed (Tallahassee) Unchanged

Well it still looks like all roads lead through Tallahassee. Can't say I'm too thrilled with that. Especially because SEBaseball has a tough Pitt team in the Regional. College Baseball Blog has South Alabama as the 3rd team. Not exactly thrilling either way.

RECORD 28-14  
Boyd RPI 19 +1
Nolan RPI 15 +2
Boyd ISR (Strength Ratings) 26 -2
Nolan NPI (Power Index) 29 +1
KEY LOSSES SEMO (2/19), Missouri (2/27)  
BOYD'S Strength of Schedule 21  
Warren Nolan Strength of Schedule 11 +2
RECORD v RPI 1-50 10-11  
RECORD v RPI 51-100 7-2  
RECORD v RPI 101-200 6-1  
RECORD v RPI 201+ 5-0  

FINAL PREDICTION: Boston College thanks to a 9 game winning streak is back in the RPI Top 50, helping Auburn. For the Regional Projections, I use two different RPI predictors. In case you were wondering the difference: Nolan's is based on the RPI formula (20-50-25), while Boyd adds in bonuses for Non-Conference Top 50 RPI road wins (which the NCAA also uses). That doesn't really affect Auburn, seeing as how we don't have a non-conference road win.

While I'm not super thrilled in the prospect of going back to Tallahassee, a regional is a regional, and Auburn has a lineup that sets up pretty nicely, no matter who we play.


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