Regional Radar (May 20th)


With some success, comes some hope: Here's what some college baseball writers think of Auburn's Chances of making it to the NCAA Baseball Tourney:

SITE PREDICTION Previously Change
Rivals ( 1 Seed
1 Seed
Norwich, CT)
College Baseball Blog 1 Seed
2 Seed
(Clemson, SC)

Well well well. Look at this. Auburn getting a lot of National love. Not only did the Tigers get predicted to host regionals. Not only that both seem to be pretty sweet draws. CollegeBaseballBlog has Clemson (2), SE Louisiana (3), and Wright State (4). SEBaseball has Arizona (2), Southern Miss (3), and Charlotte (4). These aren't cakewalk draws (SE LA and Arizona are both sold clubs. Clemson and Southern Miss have name but have struggled this year). Better than that, in both cases, the Super Regional would be in Atlanta (if Georgia Tech holds serve). Not exactly a long journy to Omaha.

RECORD 36-17  
Boyd RPI 17 0
Nolan RPI 16 0
Boyd ISR (Strength Ratings) 22 0
Nolan NPI (Power Index) 25 -2
KEY WINS Bama, LSU, FAU, UK, Arkansas  
KEY LOSSES SEMO (2/19), Missouri (2/27)  
Warren Nolan Strength of Schedule 20 -8
RECORD v RPI 1-50 14-13  
RECORD v RPI 51-100 7-3  
RECORD v RPI 101-200 10-1  
RECORD v RPI 201+ 5-0  


Kind of surprising. There was NO movement in the RPI front. That should change after the Ole Miss series tonight. For the regional hosting spot? Auburn has to win the west. Yes, there is a possibility they could sneak in if they drop the series to Ole Miss (but they'd need a good showing in Hoover). Since the NCAA has adopted their new CWS format (1999) The SEC West Champion has always hosted a regional. Simple as that. The number might be skewed a little bit because of just how strong the SEC West Champion has been, but the history is there.


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