Regional Storyline #1: The Reason to Beat Southern Miss


If there is one reason to beat Southern Miss and to send them packing early it’s to end something that all sports fans are sick of hearing. He wears #4. He wears faded wranglers. He wears a salt and pepper beard. He needs to spend the next NFL Season at home and not on an NFL Field.


If you didn’t know, Favre is a Southern Miss Alum. However, all Auburn fans should be well aware of Favre and his USM exploits because they came directly to the Plains during his player career. However, that was then. THIS is now:

Brett Favre says he still isn't sure what he's doing next season, but he may have given some indication after visiting with the Southern Miss baseball team.

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback told the Golden Eagles on Thursday morning that if they can make it back to the College World Series for the second consecutive year, he will return for one more season in the NFL.

Well when he first made the statement, it was a pipedream. Now, it could be a reality. It’s time to leave no doubt.


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