S-E-C! S-E-C? SMH*



College baseball season officially ended last night. Congrats to South Carolina for becoming only the third SEC to ever win the CWS (surprising I know). They join Georgia and LSU as the only SEC teams to win it all in Omaha.

I have no ill will towards Carolina. I’ll say congrats once again of course. However, one thing I would like to touch on (lots of posts today by the way, this won’t be the only thing you can read at PPL this Wednesday), is this bizarre notion and the chest beating “S-E-C” chants by fans of the other SEC schools. I could never and have never wrapped my head around this notion. I’ve had it explained to me numerous times by numerous people and their slant logic stands as this: If the SEC wins then Auburn wins.

That makes no sense to me. How does this work? I’ve even been with friends who cheered for LSU when the played (and won) a BCS championship. I just don’t get it.

I’ll only touch on this briefly just to commit my thoughts to blog, but I will never cheer for another SEC school. I can never bring myself to do it. I won’t openly cheer against them either. Call it more of glorified apathy. This notion that when the SEC wins that Auburn wins is preposterous. South Carolina won the College World Series. Good for them. Does it make the Auburn baseball season any more or less special? No. It has no bearing.

You know what’s best for Auburn? Auburn winning. That’s what is best for Auburn. Not South Carolina winning the CWS. Not LSU winning a BCS title. Nothing. The Best thing for Auburn is for Auburn to win. Plain and simple.

Honestly, I could care less about the SEC. To me, the SEC only exists for Auburn to guarantee opponents and keep travel costs down while keeping the level of competition up. The Southeastern Conference is a business. It’s main goal is to make money and NOT to protect its members. It’s not a union. Yes, It protects select members at select times for PR purposes. Where was the SEC in 2004 when Auburn was pushed out the BCS title game? No where that I could see.

This crazy jingoist pride Auburn fans can get and the ridiculous S-E-C chant that rains down during bowl games makes my head hurt. If you feel that way that’s fine. I just can’t see it. I never have. I doubt I ever will.

*SMH stands for “Shaking My Head”. I normally like to refrain from “txt-talk” but I thought it fit here.


Anonymous said…
Let's say 2004 repeats itself this year. Why will Auburn 2010 be in the National Championship game? because of all this chest pounding. you won't be denied next time, as long as things are going as they are going. yeah, you guys got fucked in this gator's opinion. 2007 lsu got a bit of a benefit, 2008 florida got a benefit. and for the record, as a gator, i have never been able to cheer for tennessee in any way. and i do admit i found myself rooting for georgia only once, when they played hawaii, just to shut those wac and mwc type teams up as if they were equals. how dare they. now quit crying about 2004, and man up, and win the west. the gators haven't had the good fortune to beat you girls in atlanta, and you are about the only guys left that have stood up to us every damn time. we respect auburn for you are proud and when your team takes the field, we know you ain't quitting. you guys are on the right track, of course it takes a gator like chizik to be your coach to get you where you need to be. sincerely, your stoned gator overlord

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