Tuesday Quick Hitters



First of all, War Damn America, nice to be back after a restful and festive July 4th Holiday. Here's some Auburn baseball news and notes from around the interwebs:

  • Trent Mummey- Lots of new from the Mummey. One Oriole blogger tells what he expects from Trent. Trent is having a solid start for Aberdeen and is raising a ton of eyebrows. He's batting .325 and already hit his first HR a couple of days ago.
  • While I keep constantly refreshing the MLB transaction page to see if he's signed with the Brewers, pitching prospect Andrew Morris is scheduled to play in a JUCO All-Star game in the Netherlands (Haarlam, Netherlands actually. Perhaps they have an Apoolo Theatre there).
  • Former Auburn WR Montez Billings could have been a Diamond Tiger too:
    • If you weren't playing football what career would you pursue?
      "I'd probably still be playing baseball. I've played baseball all my life. I was a pitcher, but I stopped in high school because I wanted to play football."
  • The official site catches up with Mike Bianucci.
  • Gabe Gross talks about his adopted hometown/team, the Orioloes (?)
  • Casey McElroy stays hot in Summer Baseball Action.
  • Here's a Great Flickr Stream with about 400+ Auburn baseball Photos. Including Auburn's ill-advised Yankee Uniforms. The above picture is Copyright AUJM. Hopefully it's cool that I snagged for a blogpost. If not, I'll take it back down.
  • Nice Local paper profile on Cole Nelson
  • Another recruit is going to the MLB instead of coming to the Plains. Brandon Allen from Milton, Florida decided to sign with the Giants. It's old news and I wouldn't have mentioned it earlier, but this pull-quote just irked me a bit:
    • "Last week I had my mind set going to Auburn," Allen said. "Yesterday, a friend of my mom's who played pro ball called to talk to me, and it hit me that (going pro) was the right thing to do. There's not many disadvantages because I'll have my school later."
  • Hunter Morris continues to have a solid start with Wisconsin and spent some time showing former Alabama Pitcher Jimmy Nelson around a Brewers game.
  • Garrett Bush looks like he was ended up at Seminole State Community College for next year. No official confirmation, but I have a hard time believing there are two people named Garrett Bush, both from Jacksonville, and who both pitch.
  • If you'd like something to laugh at, I'd try checking out "The Capstone Report"' and their try at satire with a piece entitled, "What I Like About Auburn". Be sure to check out the comments section, where a commenter rambles about how much Auburn sucks and such. For the record, the Poem he refers to is "The Deserted Village" and it's by Oliver Goldsmith. I'm still unsure why I would knock an Auburn fan for not knowing that. Then again, I wouldn't knock Alabama fans for not knowing that Tuscaloosa is named for a Choctaw Chief and roughly translates to "Black Warrior".
  • Finally, Auburn missed out an a chance for me to scream, "SUPER FUDGE" every time a certain player stepped on to the field:
    • Quarterback Walker "Fudge" Van Hooser of Trinity Presbyterian in Montgomery, Alabama has verbally committed to play college football at Tulane. Fudge Van Hooser attended camp at both Tulane and Auburn. "Auburn was very interested in me. I went to their one-day senior camp and did real well. Coach Gus Malzahn liked me but I realized that I wanted to go to Tulane much more than to go anywhere else," Van Hooser said.



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