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A ton of Auburn baseball related goodies to go through this week. Kind of scattershot, but here we go:

  • SUMMER BALL: Auburn still has quite a few players competing in Summer Leagues. Most notably Justin Fradejas and Stephen Kohlscheen who were named Valley League All Stars. Kohlscheen has been the most pleasant surprise. Going 3-0 in 2 Starts, tossing a 1.08 ERA, with 8 ks in 16+ innings pitched. Pretty impressive. Patrick Savage was also named a Valley League All-Star which is a huge plus for Auburn this spring. Fradejas was selected but will miss the game due to injury (no word yet on what that injury might be.)
  • Ryan Jenkins talks about what it means to go from worst to first for the Burlington Royals.
  • Cole Nelson and the Detroit Tigers have officially come to terms. Cole will start his Pro career with the GCL Tigers.
  • Nice Feature on Hunter Morris and introduction to the minor leagues. To be fair, it took me about 3 times to get through the article because the opening paragraph was starting to border on slash-fiction. Still it's a quality read:
    • Hunter Morris found the Miller Park air refreshing and breathable. The roof panels were open, and sunny skies splashed down upon his chestnut hair while he was noticeably perched on the top seat of the home team dugout, watching Prince Fielder work at the position he hopes to anchor someday.
  • While was are still waiting for him to choose between Auburn and the Brewers, Gulf Coast Signee Andrew Morris is doing well in the Honkball Baseball Tournament in the Netherlands. He started the first game for the NJCAA All Stars and got a No Decision against Chinese Taipai. He tossed 4.2 IP/8k/5bb/1er.
  • BO THE ALL STAR- Both USA Today and the LA Times have nice feature pieces on Bo Jackson and the 1989 All Star game. But really, the only place you need to go for all things Bo is The War Eagle Reader.
  • Ben State was honored in his hometown and by the area minor league baseball team, the Delmarva Shorebirds.
  • Nice Q&A with Former Auburn closer Austin Hubbard. Including this nugget:
    • 4. As a former Auburn pitcher, how do you feel about the rivalry with Alabama, and the Crimson Tide's national football title?

      We don't like Alabama. We will play with them again this year, like we have the past five years. Alabama is not a good subject, but, hopefully, we beat the crap out of them. We don't like Alabama and they don't like us — that's what it's all about.

      5. How would you describe the Auburn-Alabama baseball rivalry?

      You can't say it's the same as football. But, no matter how bad we are struggling, or how bad they are struggling, it's going to be a close game. We legitimately don't like each other, even though we have buddies on the team. Once the game starts, it's pretty serious.

  • Grant Dayton continues to do good things for the Jamestown Jammers, lowering his ERA to just a tick over 1.20.
  • RECRUITS? News of incoming players is always slim. In fact, you never know just who the Tigers have signed until Auburn issues a press release. Very different from football recruiting. We do know (or we think we know) that Auburn has signed Chase Williamson out of UMS-Wright and Trey Cochran-Gill from Tallaseee (and maybe earlier Theodore). One by a newspaper throwaway line and the other from a local radio interview with TC-G's head coach. Trey is also QB for the Tallassee Tigers. An all-star selection with some nice numbers to boot. I'll admit Williamson completely snuck under my radar because apparently he announced back in early June.
  • Some dude with a blog (this of course coming from some other dude with a blog) lists former Tiger Levale Speigner as a "failed prospect". That I disagree about. Levale was rushed through the Nats system (as they are want to do with prospects) and was never given a chance to settle in. You still have to admire everything he's gone through. He went from the show to the Dominican Summer Leagues and now he's back and just a tick below Seattle and back in AAA.
  • OH MUMMY- Yes, Trent Mummey is on an absolute tear for Aberdeen. A few nights ago he was just a single away from the cycle and capped it off with a Walk-Off Grand Slam. A slam, thanks to the powers of the internet, that was preserved on YouTube.



Anonymous said…
Clarification on Trey Cochran-Gill - only from Tallassee, never from Theodore or Thompson HS - that was a misprint.
Anonymous said…
And definitely an Auburn commit for baseball on Trey Cochran-Gill.

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