When We Last Left Our Heroes...



Bit slow with the updates (and the updates are a bit slow) but here are some news and notes for Auburn Baseball and Auburn baseball related things:


  • Baseball Insider has a nice podcast interview with the former Auburn and Grissom Star



  • The Mahsher is having a good time playing for hometown crowds in Summer Ball.



  • The former National/Mariner/everything gets a nice Q&A in Tacoma.



  • Impressive work so far in his few games with the Burlington Royals:
    • How about Brian Fletcher's work through three games as a Royal. The Auburn product has gone 4-for-12 with two homers, four RBIs and three runs scored. Both of the righty's homers have been to the opposite field.
  • But with the good, comes some room for improvement:
    • The craziest aspect of the loss last night was Luis Piterson's attempt to steal home in the ninth inning during a tie game. The end result was a Brian Fletcher strike out, but had he not swung, Piterson probably would have been safe. "Let's go do something different here," Liriano told himself during that inning. "This pitcher is the right guy to try to steal home on, because he throws a lot of splits. That's a great time to try to steal home, and Fletcher swung at a split in the dirt. If he doesn't swing at that pitch, we win that game because Piterson stole home plate."


FROM THE AUfficial Site:



  • At least that's what Austin Hubbard (Hudson Valley) and Trent Mummey (Aberdeen) can say. They both were selected to the New York-Penn League All Star Game.



  • I found this little nugget from Bobby Bowden's ministry:
    • Bobby Bowden dreamed of the day he would hit a home run.
      Playing for Howard College — now Samford University — Bowden got it via inside the park against Auburn and as soon as he crossed home plate, it was taken away from him.
      Bowden was called out for not stepping on first base.
      Just as quick as he got it, it was gone. Such is life and Bowden’s message to the multitude of people that attended Central Baptist Church on Monday night to hear the legendary and retired Florida State football coach.


Oh, and the Peyton Manning picture is just there. Deal with it. I tried to google "Tony Caldwell Mustache" and that's what I got. I took it as a sign.


Zachary said…
Why would you steal home with 2 strikes? That's stupid. Little league managers would know better.

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