Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crowdsourcing Expectations

You already know what my expectations are for Auburn Baseball this season. But what are other Auburn fans expecting this year from the 2011 Diamond Tigers? I turned to twitter to find out: @WarBlogle :

Regular season SEC Championship, host and win regional and super regional. #auppl

Chris Fuhrmeister @cfuhrmeister :

SEC West title, host regional, win regional. #auppl

Keith Gallahair @gallajk :

my 2011 AU baseball expectations...make it to Hoover, compete for the West, make a Regional. #auppl #auburnbaseball

Matt McMullen @MattMcMullen2 :

Undefeated season #auppl

The Juice @thejuiceisgood :

my expectations are what you tell me they need to be. You are my beisbol czar & leader. I hope for good things. I do love Coach Pawl.

James Jones @jmjonesjr :

I'm thinking Hoover and a 2 seed. Not as good as last year, but a good step towards staying competitive

D. Miller @dmiller1856 :

Wishful thinking expectations... Trip to Omaha. // Realistically: Top 2 in SECW, Get past 1st rd in Hoover, & compete for SEC title w/improved pitching & fielding. & Host regional. // Basically, I want to see a competitive team on the field and show improvement in areas where they struggled last year.

John Clifton @jrclifton :

SEC West champs, 2nd overall. Hosting a regional but not a national seed.

Jerry Hinnen @WBE_Jerry :

Just for Auburn to prove 2010 wasn't a fluke. One good season is nice. Two good seasons mean you have a good program.

Andrew Seale @ajseale :

Go deep in SEC tournament, maybe win, host another regional, at least get to super regional.

Jared Smith @JaredSmiths :

Expecting CJP's team to be even better prepared to win. More hits, less HRs. Auburn to contend in West. Advance in SEC tourney. // Also expecting the Saturday starting pitcher to be amazing! But then, I'm a little biased on that one. Ready for the season!

Thankfully, we've got a lot of level headed Auburn fans. The general consensus is a team that is both competitive and is showing progress. Good Feedback. I'll pose a new twitter question each Monday. So be sure to follow @AUPPL


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