Crowdsourcing Expectations

You already know what my expectations are for Auburn Baseball this season. But what are other Auburn fans expecting this year from the 2011 Diamond Tigers? I turned to twitter to find out: @WarBlogle :

Regular season SEC Championship, host and win regional and super regional. #auppl

Chris Fuhrmeister @cfuhrmeister :

SEC West title, host regional, win regional. #auppl

Keith Gallahair @gallajk :

my 2011 AU baseball expectations...make it to Hoover, compete for the West, make a Regional. #auppl #auburnbaseball

Matt McMullen @MattMcMullen2 :

Undefeated season #auppl

The Juice @thejuiceisgood :

my expectations are what you tell me they need to be. You are my beisbol czar & leader. I hope for good things. I do love Coach Pawl.

James Jones @jmjonesjr :

I'm thinking Hoover and a 2 seed. Not as good as last year, but a good step towards staying competitive

D. Miller @dmiller1856 :

Wishful thinking expectations... Trip to Omaha. // Realistically: Top 2 in SECW, Get past 1st rd in Hoover, & compete for SEC title w/improved pitching & fielding. & Host regional. // Basically, I want to see a competitive team on the field and show improvement in areas where they struggled last year.

John Clifton @jrclifton :

SEC West champs, 2nd overall. Hosting a regional but not a national seed.

Jerry Hinnen @WBE_Jerry :

Just for Auburn to prove 2010 wasn't a fluke. One good season is nice. Two good seasons mean you have a good program.

Andrew Seale @ajseale :

Go deep in SEC tournament, maybe win, host another regional, at least get to super regional.

Jared Smith @JaredSmiths :

Expecting CJP's team to be even better prepared to win. More hits, less HRs. Auburn to contend in West. Advance in SEC tourney. // Also expecting the Saturday starting pitcher to be amazing! But then, I'm a little biased on that one. Ready for the season!

Thankfully, we've got a lot of level headed Auburn fans. The general consensus is a team that is both competitive and is showing progress. Good Feedback. I'll pose a new twitter question each Monday. So be sure to follow @AUPPL


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