Help an Auburn Grad. Enjoy America’s Past Time, Too.


I’ve mentioned Bethany Heck before on AUPPL. Here’s a chance to help her out and revive a dying art at the same time.


Now you can help her get her Eephus League Baseball Scorebook Revival Project off the ground and get a pretty nice Scorebook (or T-Shirt, or Poster) to boot. I keep score are games and It’s a pretty fun thing to do. So, Instead of having piles and piles of loose paper and $1 scorecards around your house, why don’t you pick up one from the Eephus league. They are gorgeously designed and if you don’t keep score, they’d still make a pretty sweet gift for any die hard stitch head.


So watch the video then go here and make sure you check out Bethany’s complete Eephus league project. Oh and if you’re new to Scorekeeping then let Bethany walk you through it here.


War Eagle and congrats to Bethany on the project.


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