Preseason Regional Radar



There hasn't been a first pitch but there is already talk about Omaha. Think of this as your overview of the Regional Radar for the season. I'll be using 4 different sources this season: Baseball America, College Baseball Daily, Perfect Game, and ESPN. As the season progresses, we'll start to get the RPIs in and I'll be using Boyd's World's and Warren Nolan's RPIs just like last year. As well as Auburn's tournament resume at this point. Unfortnately, at this point, all we have are 3 projections. No RPIs and No Resumes at this point.


PerfectGame Florida St (6) AUBURN FL Atlantic FL Gulf Coast
CB Daily Clemson AUBURN Citadel Charlotte
ESPN UConn Wash. St AUBURN Stoney Brook
Baseball America Florida St FL Int'l AUBURN Jax State



There you have it. Best projection comes from ESPN. Even though Auburn would get shipped off to Norwhich, it's a winnable region and UConn still hasn't found a way to battle out of a regional, no matter how many times the NCAA puts it there for "the betterment of the game".

The worst? Well, this is just nitpicky, but Perfect Game putting AU in Tallahassee and having the 'Noles be a National Seed. Plus, two VERY solid clubs in FAU and FGCSU could mean an early exit from the postseason.

Looking over all of these, one thing becomes clear. If Auburn wants to host a regional it has to be in the Top 4 in the SEC just to have an outside shot. Florida, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt all seem like host locks in the preseason. With a solid resume, Auburn could make a case that the #4 team deserves a host bid as well.


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