Set Your DVRs. Auburn Baseball is on TV

We've gotten a couple of blips here and there, but here's the complete SEC Baseball TV Schedule and it's good news for Auburn. Nine total games are set to be televised on a variety of networks. Here are the dates set in stone:

  • 3/15 Alabama at Auburn (Max Capital City Classic) CSS (7 CT)
  • 4/02 Vanderbilt at Auburn CSS (7pm CT)
  • 4/10 Auburn at Kentucky CSS (Noon)
  • 4/21 Ole Miss at Auburn ESPNU (6:30 CT)
  • 4/23 Ole Miss at Auburn CSS (Noon)
  • 4/29 Auburn at South Carolina SportsSouth (6pm CT)
  • 4/30 Auburn at South Carolina SportsSouth (6pm CT)
  • 5/01 Auburn at South Carolina ESPN (2pm CT)
  • 5/14 Alabama at Auburn CSS (Noon CT)

In addition to those dates, Auburn could also turn up on May 13 (vs Alabama) or May 20/21 (at Tennessee) because CSS has designated those games as SEC Wildcard Games (similar to the NFL Flex Scheduling).

Plus, there is even an outside shot that Auburn could appear in even more televised games because:

SEC schools maintain the rights to air additional games not included in the official SEC package with various television outlets, including official SEC TV partners. More than 50 additional games are set to be broadcast by SEC partners via this means, bringing the total number of SEC baseball games broadcast in 2011 to over 120 games.

Now that doesn't affect Auburn right now because the school doesn't have a TV Network that normally shows games like LSU does with JumboTV or Kentucky does with the Big Blue Network. Still, if you live outside the area you've got a better chance than ever to catch the Tigers on TV. If you don't get the networks listed, you can still catch most of these games on


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