Weekend Homework



Every weekend Auburn should be working on something. Baseball is about more than wins and losses and especially in the early preseason. At this point, Auburn is trying to find their identity. So how can judge (or Jobu) a team when the main focus (making the SEC tournament) isn’t on the forefront. So, after the opening weekend, what should Auburn work on. Basically, here’s what I’m looking for and hoping Auburn can accomplish for this weekend against Radford. We’ve got 3 (for now) categories and bullet points for each:


  • 12 or more shut out innings. Pretty simple. that breaks down to about 4 innings per game.
  • 6 or more innings by a starting pitcher
  • No Blown Saves
  • 8 or fewer runs allowed with 2 outs. Last weekend Auburn allowed 19 RBIs. 8 of those came with 2 outs. It absolutely killed AU against UVA. So let’s limit that.
  • An Andew Morris/Dillon Ortman sighting.



  • 3 or more Stolen Bases
  • 2 or more Home Runs
  • 3 players with multi-hit games
  • 3 or fewer Strikeouts for Kevin Patterson
  • 4 or more multi-run innings



  • 3 or fewer errors
  • 1 error free game


Pretty simple stuff. I don’t think it’s asking too much for Auburn As the season progresses, the homework will become more and more focused/specialized.

Oh, and if you don’t get the reference and the Crime Dog. Here’s a refresher:


Sadly, I couldn’t find the Tom Emmanski commercial with Fred McGriff.


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