Play by Play: 140 Characters at a Time

Over the weekend, @TylerHNay brought up a good point :

@ AUPPL Can we get a crash course on scoring notation sometime? some of these are not the 3 that I know...

It was something I completely spaced about. I normally update throughout the game but sometimes my shorthand can be confusing. Even I realize that. I try to follow the same formula each time for each game. So here's a little peek behind the curtain as to how I tweet the play by play. First things first go check out Bethany Heck's Scorekeeping 101 over at the Eephus league . That should give you a bit of an overview of what we're trying to do here. Are you back? Good. Here's a little review:

1st Base3
2nd Base4
3rd Base5
Left Field7
Center Field8
Right Field9
As for putouts, I only really use a couple of notations and not the full broad spectrum I'd use if I was keeping score during a game:

FxFoul Out/Fly Out

Strike Out

PxPop Out
LxLine Out
xUUnassisted Out
DPDouble Play
CSCaught Stealing
POPick Off
FCFielder's Choice

That's normally it. "X" in these cases stand for the position player who made the out. Ground Outs are done in a standard x-y notation (Assist-Put Out).

I normally try to follow the same formula when I tweet an update:

(Team Abbreviation) (T/B)(Inning) Outs (Score) End of Inning

If there is room then I will give a bit of a headline or scene setter before getting into the details of the outs. For Auburn I'll give the players names. For the opponent, I could care less, so I just give the details.

Let's see it in action:

AU Top4: Creede bb CMac 4-3, Gilmer RBI single, Gamache FC, Gilmer out 1-6, KP rbi double, Wacker bb, Bowen K. 7 3 bot 4

That's from Saturday's nightcap against Western Kentucky. So what happened? Auburn was batting in the Top of the 4th inning. Creede Simpson walked, Casey McElroy was out 2nd Baseman to 1st Baseman, Wes Gilmer hit an RBI single. Dan Gamache hit into a fielder's choice which forced Wes Gilmer out Pitcher to Shortstop. Kevin Patterson hit an rbi double, Cullen Wacker walked. Finally, Caleb Bown struckout to end the inning. Auburn headed into the bottom of the 4th leading 7-4.

For the players I abbreviate names in most cases. KP=Kevin Patterson, TC=Tony Caldwell, CMac=Casey McElroy.

As always, it's a work in progress. If you'd like to follow along, be sure to follow me on twitter (@AUPPL)

Follow along tonight. If you have any questions then just send me a reply and I'll try to answer as best I can/know how.

A bit of a caveat. I work nights, so during games I'm bouncing around multiple things. I try to block out time as best I can. However, it's like I always say: Rock beats Paper and Work beats Twitter.


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