Regional Radar (3/17)


Let's start with a huge caveat: It's still early. Way too early. I wouldn't expect updated Regional Projections from the various writers until at earliest two weeks from now. Still, we show what we have so far and at least take a good look at how the Auburn RPI is shaping up:


  HOST Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
CB Daily Florida State (5) AUBURN WA State E. Michigan
ESPN Stanford AUBURN UC Irvine Stony Brook


Again, don't put much stock in to these. Really, don't. Both CB Daily and ESPN have Clemson hosting. Explain to me how a team that is .500 overall right now, just got swept by UVA, and is playing in a down ACC is hosting? Just by name alone. Until either Clemson improves or actually ends up traveling for a change, I'm going to take all these projections with a grain of salt.




Tournament Resume   CHANGE
Record 12-5  
Boyd RPI 11  
Nolan RPI 10  
Boyd ISR (Strength) 22  
Nolan NPI (Power) 35  
Key Wins AZ St (3/13)  
Bad Losses Bethune (3/2), Radford (2/25)  
Nolan SOS 15  
Boyd SOS 47  
vs RPI 1-50 1-3  
vs RPI 51-100 5-0  
vs RPI 101-200 5-2  
vs RPI 200+ 1-0  


Bad News

The only bad losses were obvious ones to Radford and Bethune. However, we knew that going in to this week. Had Auburn dropped the Max CCC to Alabama, you could have chalked up another bad loss. The Tide isn't doing in the SEC any favors with their abysmal 130 RPI. Still, it's not the lowest in the league (that would be Kentucky at 203).

The Good News

Auburn should get a boost RPI wise in the coming weeks. College of Charleston (57) and Memphis (52) are right on the cusp and could sneak some Top 50 RPI wins into Auburn's favor. The biggest boost will come from the Tigers themselves. Dates with Troy (8), Mississippi State (47), South Alabama (38) and even Georgia (43) are all upcoming and should all be winnable games for the Tigers. If Auburn wants to return to hosting however, it will need to knock off the biggest of the big boys RPI wise: Vanderbilt (17), LSU (13) and Ole Miss (4). Still, with a healthy RPI of 10 right now, Auburn has a bit of wiggle room.


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