Stock Report (3-7)



After the solid weekend in Charleston, almost every hitter in the Auburn lineup saw some sort of uptick. So who's the hottest bat in the lineup right now?

Player crnt avg 3 g avg Diff
Hargett 0.346 0.267 0.079
McElroy 0.353 0.500 0.147
Simpson 0.273 0.250 0.023
Gamache 0.295 0.286 0.009
Caldwell* 0.225 0.250 0.025
Patterson* 0.300 0.333 0.033
Fradejas* 0.333 0.500 0.167


Caldwell and Patterson are asterisked because their TC only pinch hit in one game over the weekend, and KP sat the College of Charleston game out completely. Still, the two biggest weapons over the weekend were Justin Fradejas and Casey McElroy. Both of whom hit a full tenth above their average. The best news was for Patterson though, who found a bit of a power stroke (his first HR of the year). The only person "cooling off" would be Hargett. However, that's a bit misleading. He started the season so hot that eventually he had to come back down to earth. Slumping? That's Creede Simpson. Creede has been in a bit of a tailspin since the 2nd Radford game when his avg was at .333 (and now is at .273). However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. His performance in the final game included 2 doubles and a SAC hit and 3 RBI and he finally started showing some life.

Wacker vs Biesner

Two position players, both battling to replace Justin Bryant in left field. Biesner has a bit of the edge right now. Wacker did see some extended pt this weekend with 4 official at bats. Beisner only played on Friday against NYIT and made a big impression, going 3-4 with a double and a HR. It ended a pretty vicious slide by Biesner over the past few games. Still, Brooks has made due and kept his average around the .400 mark currently. Hopefully, a few midweek games can keep his confidence rolling.

Alvord vs GIlmer

The other position battle isn't so much offense related. Instead it's situation related. Gilmer had a pretty nice weekend, while Alvord just had a solid Friday. There's one thing you can say about Wes, he's consistent. He'll give you a .333 day but his real strength comes sacrificing. He leads the team with 5 SAC hits, including 2 this past weekend. I really want to see Alvord succeed, especially because I think he has a power stroke just lurking in his swing. However, Wes has shown that he can be more consistent and the fielding for both is a push.

Finally, if you want a link to my stat spreadsheet. Here it is. Enjoy.


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