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You do a lot during the day. It's hard to keep up with all things Auburn baseball. Here's a handy rundown of what you may have missed (with some extras thrown in from time to time).


1. Championship Tuesdays?

Auburn (22-18) has now lost non-conference games to Jacksonville State, Troy and South Alabama, yet still entered Tuesday's action with the nation's 12th-best RPI.

"It's definitely frustrating," said Auburn shortstop Casey McElroy. "We've been having good weekends and maybe we've just not been getting after these mid-week games. There's no excuse. We should take every game like a championship game."

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2. Still, There’s No Sugar Coating This: Auburn Sh*t the Bed vs. Samford Last Night

“I firmly believe it starts with the guys on the mound,” coach John Pawlowski said. “When you get behind that quickly, it’s a totally different mindset.”

“You don’t get out of the gates, you struggle at the beginning of the ballgame, and it’s tough,” Pawlowski said. “We didn’t get anything going offensively or pitching early in the game.”

Freshman Will Kendall, who had thrown 3 2/3 innings over two career appearances entering Tuesday, provided a bright spot in relief of Morris (1-3), giving up a run on six hits while striking out four and walking three over 5 1/3 innings.

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3. Slocomb Signee is Super Studious

Clay Holmes is well known for his prowess as a pitcher for Slocomb’s baseball team.

But the Red Top senior and Auburn University baseball signee is also a top-notch student – a feat equally important to him as winning games with his pitching arm.

This Sunday, he will be recognized by the state of Alabama Baseball Coaches Association as its Student-Athlete of the Year.

For now, though, Holmes is busy trying to help his Red Top teammates in pursuit of a state title. Slocomb advanced to this weekend’s second round against LAMP after an impressive series win this past weekend over previous No. 1-ranked Trinity.

After the season is over, Holmes will turn his attention to the upcoming major league amateur baseball draft. He will attend pre-draft workouts for several teams.

Holmes said he has heard possible speculation that he could be a high-round draft pick, but says that is just speculation.

“You can’t really tell one way or another right now,” Holmes said.

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4. Cole Nelson & Austin Hubbard Doing Work

Austin Hubbard earned the win, pitching a scoreless ninth, to improve to 2-0. (via WBKO)

Cole Nelson pitched five innings, giving up three earned runs (four runs in total) while walking four and striking out two. (via Bless You Boys)

5. Fletch Lives

RC: You played college ball at Auburn, a major college program. What was that experience like?
BF: It was fun. It was awesome. The last year was really exciting. We hosted a regional against Clemson and had thousands of fans in the stands. It was a great environment to play in.
RC: What were some of the things you learned from your collegiate experience?
BF: I learned about failure and how to come back from it. The college level is when media starts to get involved. It sucks when you start to struggle a little bit, but you learn to bounce back and keep your composure, and to be able to play in front of the types of environments than we did.
RC: Was it a tough decision to leave after your junior year at Auburn and sign with the Royals?
BF: It wasn’t necessarily a tough decision. I wanted my junior year to be the year for me to remember, and I definitely was hoping to have one of my better years that season. I was pretty satisfied with what I did. The draft process was pretty crazy, looking back on it now, but it was fun, and I’m glad the Royals were able to select me

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6. It’s like the ESPY’s, but with Auburn (and more Tim Jackson)

AUPPL Note: Highlights include Barrett Trotter in a Fratastic BowTie, and Jorrell Bostrom doing a solid Jack Johnson impression

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7. David Ross just killed my Fantasy Team

Braves backup catcher (AUPPL Note: and Former Auburn Tiger) David Ross sang an Eddie Money ‘80s hit “Shakin’” as a good-luck ritual during a series sweep at San Francisco last weekend. On Tuesday, he and sh-sh-shook San Diego and Padres pitcher Aaron Harang.

Ross hit two homers to drive in four runs during the Braves’ 8-2 win against the Padres at Petco Park, where Jair Jurrjens pitched the first complete-game win for the Braves since 2009 and Chipper Jones matched a mark by the great Mickey Mantle.

(Another AUPPL Note: Guess who thought he’d be smart and start Aaron Harang for his Fantasy Team? Guess who ended up with –10 points? This Guy!)

(via David O’Brien/ AJC)


8. If Brotherman likes it, it must be good

Bill “Brotherman” Beckwith (AUPPL NOTE: and HUGE Auburn baseball fan/ K-Korner Stalwart) is organizing a reunion for regulars of legendary Auburn hippie bar Peeps, which kept it real on Opelika Road from 1969 to 1975. The two-day event will start Friday, May 13 with a potluck dinner at the house of Auburn hippie turned Realtor Tara Nolan and end at The War Eagle Supper Club on Saturday, May 14. There will be barbecue. There will be music.

“A lot of our friends that hung out at Peeps made big names for themselves in the music industry,” Beckwith told The Corner News. “We’ve been able to contact a lot of them and get them to come back to Auburn for the party to play.”

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9. So…Tubs is a Birther? Also, Hannity’s Next Guest will be Terry Bowden:


CREDIT: FOX NEWS, "HANNITY" by sportsxbrooks

So, that happened. Tommy Tuberville appeared on Sean Hannity’s show last night:

Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville appeared on conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s television show Tuesday, taking part in a panel discussion about President Obama’s Easter Sunday pastor, the controversy over his birth location and who might run against him in 2012.

Tuberville suggested that the president has a good chance to be unseated by whoever opposes him.

Asked by Hannity if there is anyone he likes for president, Tuberville said, “It really doesn’t make any difference. If the economy doesn’t get better, if the price of gas is six or seven dollars a gallon, if we’re still in wars, anybody’s going to run and win. Bottom line, we can’t keep going the direction we’re going.”

Tuberville was the day’s celebrity guest on “The Great American Panel” segment, joining in with former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich and FOX News legal analyst Tamara Holder in a discussion moderated by Hannity.

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