Tweet of the Week: Who Goes on the Wall?


You already know my choice. Now, let’s hear from you. Who do YOU think Auburn should honor on their Outfield Wall of Fame? There are a ton of names, and here’s just a few to get you started:

  • Pat Duke
  • Larry Nichols
  • Jimmy Barfield
  • QV Lowe
  • Dom Fucci
  • John Powell
  • Jay Waggoner
  • Mark Bellhorn
  • Ryan Halla
  • Finley Woodward
  • Casey Dunn
  • Brent Schoening
  • Chris Bootcheck
  • Todd Faulkner
  • Gabe Gross
  • Steven Register
  • John Madden
  • Brian Fletcher
  • Hunter Morris
  • Joe Beckwith
  • Scott Sullivan


You tell me. You can Tweet me @AUPPL

Or Send me an Email:

I’ll post the results and choices on Friday Morning.


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