Who Goes on the Wall?


The question was posed…so who did Auburn fans think deserves enshrinement on the Outfield Wall?

@kylebwde Kyle Bradbury

I'd put Hal Baird on the wall.


Justin Murphy @murpho5

gabe gross


Tyler Nay @TylerHNay

Mark Bellhorn. We share a birthday, he was drafted out of HS, and he won a WS


Justin Malone @jwm0004

how about hunter Morris, mark bellhorn, gabe gross, and throw in Hal Baird...


Elliot Cook @Elliott_Cook

A 20 ft. Casey Dunn used to be featured above the dairy section in the old Auburn Bruno's. Even they knew he was the obvious choice.

you could always dedicate the wall to Vestavia's indelible contribution to AU Baseball. Dunn, Halla, Waggoner, Dearth and many more..


And Finally, via e-mail from Ted Hilley

Q V Lowe for absolute certain...one of the most influential players ever at AU. 

Joe Beckwith and Todd Walker if we are only looking at their college careers,


So, a couple of votes for Gabe Gross and Hal Baird. Regardless of the school’s final choice, Auburn has a dearth of the choices for enshrinement.


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