Choose Your Own SCHADventure

Oh Joe Schad. Perrenial Punchline and Punching bag for Auburn fans. If you were away from a computer today, you misssed his latest Auburn-Related boil-up. Let me recap via the Magic of Screen Capture:

Before we move on. My personal thoughts on Russell Wilson? Auburn doesn't need him. Do they want him? Sure, probably, why not? But does Auburn really NEED Russell Wilson? Not at all. Barrett Trotter/Clint Mosely will do just fine in what will be, more than likely, a rebuilding year for Auburn football. Wilson could be the next coming of Cam Newton (he's not) but he'll be playing behind a pretty green offensive line, won't have had a spring to learn the system, and Auburn has a BRUTAL schedule in 2011. So what's the use? Let Trotter and Barrett Handle the reigns, give them their shot. Then in 2012 is Keihl Frazier is ready, slide him in. Malzahn already has a reputation of being a "QB-Whisperer". If he can make Chris Todd look like an actual competant QB and made Auburn forget about this:

Then he can do the same with Trotter/Mosely. Seriously, let the guy work. Still, it's out of my hands, but the responses have been varied already:

Those "others" HABOTN referred to include Jeffrey Lee at who says Wilson was NOT on campus.

Now, I was just going to drop it, but after Schad tried to link ANOTHER QB-in-limbo to Auburn I felt compelled to post. That QB? Tate Forcier:

One of those things is not like the others. But if Tate Forcier is serious, here's a little map for him:

Again, Trotter/Mosely. Let them take it. Auburn doesn't need the second coming of Todd Marinovich to lead the Tigers. Oh, and what exactly is a "Kansas Stare"? This:


hallwal said…
Great article!! Love all the graphics, too, such as the map with "Here be dragons" hahaha
michael said…
Tremendous article

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