The 5 Most Important Series of the 2012 Season


It’s hard to peg what qualifies as a “crucial series” but just look at the schedule in 2012, some games just jump out and could be considered must-wins. Of course, all that could change as the season progresses and importance could be placed else where;


1. Missouri

It’s the season opener and with a big roadtrip coming up the following weekend to Arizona, Auburn can’t really afford to start out in a 1-2 or even 0-3 hole. There is little room for error and Auburn will face a tough opener. With new faces in new roles, Auburn’s learning curve will be pretty steep.


2. Samford

I know it seems like Samford SHOULD be a win, but that’s the problem. In the past, Auburn has struggled with these midweek games. With Samford rising up the RPI and with its most talented team in years, a win over the Bulldogs would be crucial down the stretch.


3. Alabama

If just for the obvious reasons that it’s Alabama. This year, there’s an added bonus. Alabama and Auburn are in sort of the same boat preseason-wise. A series win would mean seperation and a leg up down the stretch.


4. Ole Miss

SEC Opener. On the Road. Plus, a dynamite Friday matchup between Derek Varnadore and Bobby Wahl. If Auburn can take this series, it will instill confidence down the stretch and definitely start the season off on the right foot.


5. Georgia

This series will come late in the year. Auburn needs revenge from last year’s Mother’s Day Meltdown. It could also either open the SEC wider or shut it for good.


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