Catching Up with Mighty Casey

One of the biggest losses for the 2012 Season will probably be Casey McElroy. Not that many were expecting C-Mac to return for his Senior Year on the Plains. Replacing his bat and leadership will be a key task for Auburn this year. has a pretty nice interview with McElroy as he prepares for his first full season in the minor leagues in the San Diego Padres organization. It's surprisingly open and discusses his work ethic, reasons for signing, and a possible position change to catcher. Here's a highlight:

Casey McElroy: I have always played with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder. In high school I put up good numbers and didn't really get as much attention as others who I thought I out performed.

It's funny the first day I was taking batting practice in Eugene, and I was probably trying to hit them out to show off a little, Pat Murphy our manager came up to me and said that I should work on something else because he said I was a slap hitter.

I let him know that I may be the smallest guy out here, but I am not a slap hitter. The next few weeks I put up some doubles and a few home runs and he came up to me later and said that he might have been wrong and I wasn't a slap hitter.

So that was pretty cool.

Oh, and if you were curious, that "Pat Murphy" that McElroy is referring to is the same "Pat Murphy" long time Arizona State Head Baseball Coach. Check out the full profile of Casey over at


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